3D Minecraft Tutorial – 3D MinecraftTutorial – Minecraft Fire Lighting Part 3 of 3

3D Minecraft Tutorial - 3D MinecraftTutorial - Minecraft Fire Lighting Part 3 of 3

In this tutorial i show you how to add a slight glow form the fire and how to animate it and i also show you come other lighting tips. Miencraft Fire Lines At the Top Quick Fix Video: youtu.be —————————————————————- Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com My Other Channel: www.youtube.com —————————— If any of these tutorials helped you out and you create any awesome minecraft videos, please mention my channel I would be eternally grateful ­čÖé —————————– Previous Tutorial [–]:

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10 responses to “3D Minecraft Tutorial – 3D MinecraftTutorial – Minecraft Fire Lighting Part 3 of 3”

  1. The3DSMAXChannel says:

    I don’t think so, the fire uses P´╗┐ flow, Maya has a Particle system but it’s not the same as 3ds max it probably wont recognize and convert the 3ds max P Flow to maya, and the grass uses a bend modifier which probably wont convert over either.

  2. Shadowhawk055 says:

    Hey, I’m more´╗┐ experienced in maya, but if I use these tutorials can I import the work into maya? Ie. fire and moving grass

  3. The3DSMAXChannel says:

    Good idea i’ll add that to my list´╗┐ Thank you for the suggestion.

  4. The3DSMAXChannel says:

    1. mmmm i’m no good at animating and lighting lava seems quite simple just use a omni light near it.
    2. i’m uploading the first in a series´╗┐ of mob tutorials
    3. Water, good idea ill add that to the list also
    4. i could do that also.
    Thanks for the suggestions

  5. Sklained says:

    You forgot rain´╗┐ buddy.

  6. MrPotatoMadness says:

    Please make a torch fire´╗┐ tut as well! It would be awesome!

  7. samuri55 says:

    Is it possible to make´╗┐ a rig out of the biped thingy? not the bone though…

  8. herobrine5089 says:

    is this model to scale to your minecraft character because fire is the same size as a minecraft block and i found out that a block for´╗┐ the size of the minecraft character you made to be “40” by “40”

  9. John Zimb says:

    Nice! Now here is a list I think me and a lot of other people would find helpful because there aren’t any tutorials online and you would be the first:
    1. Animating and lighting Lava
    2. Making Skeletons and Enderman
    3. Animating and making water look better.
    4. The best and fastest render settings.

    Thanks for everything you did so far´╗┐ keep it up!

  10. Darkeaftershock says:

    Thanks you helped me with everything! Thanks to you i can finally start animating so´╗┐ I’m gonna send you my creations!!!

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