Illustrator tutorial – Retro bottle cap badge

Illustrator tutorial - Retro bottle cap badge

My first video tutorial. In this you’ll learn a quick way to make a vector retro bottle cap type of badge that you can use in your website etc. Tutorial is made on the assumption that the viewer has a basic understanding on how to use illustrator. I’m using illustrator CS3 in this tutorial. For More of my stuff Check out:

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11 responses to “Illustrator tutorial – Retro bottle cap badge”

  1. Terry Mahy says:

    There is no pattern on the object so that shouldn’t matter too much. make sure only the object you are rotating is selected. Also be sure to set the point of rotation using the alt key. otherwise you’ll just be rotating on the spot.

  2. mooowaaa says:

    Hello, I cannot use the rotation thing, when I want to use it, I’ve noticed that “object” is check but “pattern” isn’t check, so it doesn’t work for me 🙁

  3. Terry Mahy says:

    Thanks, feel free to add them

  4. jagjagin says:


  5. jagjagin says:

    nice design, but you were missing some hortcuts, that could save time

  6. Terry Mahy says:

    The green lines are just the document outline – essentially file > new > ok
    The blue lines are just guides. to make guides bring up your page ruler (crtl r) then just hover your mouse over them, click and hold, drag out a guide and release in desired location

  7. ivychia94 says:


    how to create the green and blue line at the start???

  8. Terry Mahy says:

    Thanks :)

  9. beansyum says:

    Great tutorial sir.

  10. Terry Mahy says:

    Thanks! I was thinking about following this tutorial up with a quick Photoshop one on adding a bit of depth to it and textures, keep an eye out over the coming week.

    I might look at doing basics in the future but for now I like making more creative tutorials.

  11. TannerAgleFilms says:

    Great tutorial! i’m a beginner and this was very eye opening. Do you have any photoshop or illustrator tips for if I wanted to make this a bit more realistic in adding textures, etc?

    Also, have you thought about putting up an Illustrator Basics Tutorial for beginners?

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