3Ds Max Tutorial – 15 – Material Editor

3Ds Max Tutorial - 15 - Material Editor

How to find your way around the material editor. Dont forget to subscribe!

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25 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – 15 – Material Editor”

  1. Mr27221 says:

    I need some help guys! I made a rectangle and then I extruded one of it’s corner top faces to make a wall. I applied texture on it using material editor. But while having the texture ok on the floor, the texture on the wall is very stretched.. what should I do?

  2. CannabisTis says:

    Oh 2010, i found out. Awesome!

  3. CannabisTis says:

    I’d really like to know what version you’re using. Seems more simple to me than the 2013 version. From here on every menu is something totally different in my program. Fuck! And i really wanted to learn it. :/

  4. Ahmed Mokdad says:

    umm you just right clicked at 2:12 when you said it will stop rendering

  5. Bekzat Omrzakov says:

    a bunch of boring standard names 😀 lol

  6. Aftab Sheikh says:

    got it, thanks to one of the comments 🙂

  7. Aftab Sheikh says:

    My Material thing is totally different, Some HUGEEEEEE gingg comes, with SOOOOOO many things to clink on, and a navigator, and what not, its like a map, this this material there and that there, and link it with bridges and what not, how do i make it as simple as urz?

  8. alkoreah says:


  9. BartjeOstend says:

    thanks Bucky

  10. PolygonKing says:


  11. aienment says:

    Hello there man, I am having trouble with scaling. I want to have a brick pave, but the map and render shows only color, only if make a big object then the brick grid shoes normally but not on my scaled object. Thank you

  12. kingofkingsiceking says:

    im having a problem here n it freaken me out i keep opening my material editor n click on the get material button but when my material/map browser shows up but my side options are not showing and all i see are the default materials and maps standards . can someone plz tell how to fix it

  13. Spironic says:

    Just realized you can go to the Modes menu in the toolbar and switch it to Compact Material Editor. Much nicer.

  14. Spironic says:

    Why does the Material Editor in 3DS Max 2013 completely suck? It makes like flowcharts and all this unneccessary crap…

  15. Shelbling13 says:

    OMG Right click 😛

  16. Shelbling13 says:


  17. tapasvi manikanta says:

    Really an awesome work. thanks a lot Sir. I am learning through your videos daily..

  18. valeria3468 says:

    donde lo descargo???

  19. אור קליין says:

    When I create a material, save the model as a .x file (by Exporting),
    will the material be automatically passed to an XNA C# project?

  20. PsychoticMind94 says:

    my “assign material to selection” button is greyed out when I try to apply a material from the “get materials” button. I’m trying to make a handle with a wooden texture, how to I assign it?

  21. TheMassSnipe says:

    go to mode press compact material editor. that should get you something close to what he has

  22. nonames000 says:

    omg the 2012 material editor menu is alot different :O

  23. EliteSins says:

    whenever he says “uhm” he sounds like chris from family guy xP

  24. 123Tamnguyen says:


  25. bigshotsouza209 says:

    Press “M” then go to Modes>Compact Material Editor. 🙂

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