WordPress Tutorial: How To Change A WordPress Theme’s Background Image

WordPress Tutorial: How To Change A WordPress Theme's Background Image

http://WelcomeToWP.com Changing the background image or color of your WordPress theme can be one of the best ways to make your blog unique. In this tutorial,…
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22 responses to “WordPress Tutorial: How To Change A WordPress Theme’s Background Image”

  1. Jachin312 says:

    Your video was very helpful thank you so much for making this.

  2. Schelesia Mangus says:

    Extremely Helpful, Thank You!

  3. The Cat Behaviour Channel says:

    This was really interesting and well presented! Many thanks! I wish you’d
    shown it as part of a child theme modification, as I expect the next update
    of the theme will overwrite those changes?

  4. fizzwhiz80 says:

    Thank you! I was struggling with this and had checked out so many
    tutorials…your’s covered everything I needed and was straight to the
    point! 🙂

  5. Pastor Alexander Barreras says:

    what would be the correct resolution pixels to fit all in the background.
    If im making a design on Photoshop want to correct dimensions so it fits
    nicely with no repeat.

  6. Mohammed Lenboni says:

    Just download “Background Manager plugin” and make life easier for
    yourself. I hate editing codes

  7. Vitaliy Miskevich says:


  8. Jon Doll says:

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    to create full featured and profitable marketing websites very easily.
    wanna learn more? just go to: –> /watch?v=JP0selMme74 <== or go to my channel

  9. CikguHafis says:

    thank you very much..it really help me a lot!!!

  10. Jason Smith says:

    Very helpful thanks

  11. garudaeph says:

    how do i access the code part

  12. LynneAndChad says:

    @WordofMobile Glad you liked this video! I don’t have a tutorial for
    exactly what you mentioned, but the transparency you’re seeing will be
    controlled on your css stylesheet. You can use FireBug to discover exactly
    what element needs changing and remove the opacity variable completely to
    make the panel opaque. Check out the Firebug post under the “WordPress
    How-To” section of my blog for more tips there. I do offer one-on-one
    training if you’d like more help learning how to fix this 🙂

  13. linc42 says:

    How do change only the homepage background?

  14. LynneAndChad says:

    @garudaeph to access the code you’ll need to open the .php file in a text
    editor. You can use something as simple as notepad. The files are located
    in your theme’s folder on your server under wp-content/themes/YOURTHEMENAME

  15. alialj1234 says:

    what is that program

  16. wcpom says:

    thanks good information and well presented

  17. Lynn Strauch says:

    Thanks. I have a question. If I add a comment to someones blog, how do I
    add a background color or image to my comments? Do you know, or anyone else
    know? Thanks.

  18. LynneAndChad says:

    @MikeS3334 Glad the video was helpful! It shouldn’t actually matter if
    you’re using a single or a double quote, so my guess is a simple syntax
    error, but it’s hard to say what that might be, especially if it is picking
    up the color you’ve specified. I could take a look at your source code for
    you if you post your domain name 🙂

  19. LynneAndChad says:

    @DarkAssassin2097 well, the short answer is “yes” 🙂 you can add an image
    to any theme, it’s just a matter of adapting the layout around it. I looked
    at your theme, and assuming you want to add your image to the left of your
    post content, all you’d need to do is replace the ‘background’ property of
    the body in your CSS. You can always use the contact form on my blog if you
    want to set up a coaching session and I can walk you through it 🙂

  20. מרדכי לוי says:

    can i have a short video as a background

  21. divineIproject says:

    Nice tutorial to follow. We are creating WordPress tutorials ourselves.
    Would you be interested in video answer? If so, we would be glad to give
    you one.

  22. Lizz Riley says:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing

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