After Effects Tutorials – Color Correction

After Effects Tutorials - Color Correction

MY WEBSITE – – TUTORIALS! TWITTER – http FACEBOOK – Basic color correction in Adobe After effects.

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17 responses to “After Effects Tutorials – Color Correction”

  1. RedReazie says:

    What song is that ????

  2. WNxSempeTempe says:

    I usually don’t do this but i made a montage tutorial on my channel and i think people that like this vid would love to see it so pleae check it out

  3. ImBlusky says:

    How do you have the Elipse shape as default when you use the blur?

  4. ProGiZombie says:

    Nope, get uTorrent and go to and search the program :)

  5. Th3EazeHQ says:

    is there any computers that comes with after effects

  6. DaveKraft400 says:

    Couple of hundred. Just pirate it and get it for free.

  7. DaveKraft400 says:

    You get it from Adobe.

  8. Th3EazeHQ says:

    did you get after effects with your computer or did you get it seperate please reply:)

  9. CodeRedEdits says:

    you made this more complicated than it actually is. It is a lot easier than that. Check out CodeRedEdits

  10. D34tho says:

    wow the finaly clip! name the effects only!

  11. R3N3GADE1010 says:

    its quite a lot of money, but there are other ways of getting it for free

  12. DraftxF says:

    How much money was it?? Please HELP!!!

  13. GoDmOdPS3 says:

    Iduel2010, y r u so good????

  14. tammyton says:

    Anyone who’s asking for basic tutorials, check video copilot out. They have a website too. There’s over 100 tutorials and they’re very helpful (:
    Try out the basic training stuff if you’re new.

  15. ForsakenNyx says:

    You could use it. You can try it if you would like but you might be more use to Sony Vegas. It’s all up to you 😀 I don’t really edit since it bores me for some reason…

  16. jinendras says:

    hi i am totally new to after effects, i do make videos, i use sony vegas, is after effects something that i would use after editing in sony vegas or can i do it all in after effects, i would love a basic tutorial to know where everything is, thanks great video

  17. TheM40A3Alien says:


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