Web Design Tutorial – CSS Backgrounds

Web Design Tutorial - CSS Backgrounds

Nick and James form Creare demonstrate the basics of implementing backgrounds in CSS for you website. The tutorial covers standard colour, tiling a graphic, …

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15 responses to “Web Design Tutorial – CSS Backgrounds”

  1. elewint says:

    Cool video. P.S. You spelled gradient wrong.

  2. Clump y says:

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  3. Eric P says:

    that was very helpful

  4. NewEra647 says:

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  5. heyhelloallpeople says:


  6. riz chelsea says:

    Wow this is very good Video looking very interesting & attractive.I LOVE TO SEE YOUR
    Videos.Thanks for sharing.

  7. King Erik says:

    It doesn’t matter as this is just a quick tutorial.

  8. Starkness1 says:

    I have an exam coming up and in one of the past paper this is the question

    “8. Write a CSS rule that removes the underline from all links inside a paragraph and shifts it right by 5 ems”

    BTW my teacher just taught us HTML not CSS. Can someone help me?

  9. Mamata Khanore says:

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  10. icewood96 says:

    Hello @crearegroup ,
    Can you explain why do you use *.gif files ? I dont understand that, because GIF has only 256 colors….. Isn’t *.png better ?

  11. Lynn Nguyen says:

    It is very informational! Thank you so much for these works
    I really aprreciated it.

  12. MrPingdao says:

    so good

  13. cooltube97 says:


  14. Bhuzze says:

    If your website has alot of pages on it will it make it run slower?

  15. CustomizeWordpress says:

    This tutorial makes it seem very easy…great job guys.

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