Tutorial: How to import presets into Adobe Lightroom

Tutorial: How to import presets into Adobe Lightroom

Many people have asked me how to import the presets they download from presetsheaven.com into Adobe Lightroom. This video shows the simple steps that are needed to do this in Lightroom 2. Cheers. Depending on from where you download a preset, the file can be compressed into ex. .zip or .rar. All presets that are downloaded from presetsheaven.com needs to be extracted/unzipped before they can be imported into lightroom. A compressed file can contain more than one preset/file. This might be the case for you. Windows: If you’re on a newer version of Windows you simply double-click the file to extract the included files. MAC: Double-click the file to extract it Don’t know what a preset is? Check out my site www.presetsheaven.com and you’ll understand. Still have questions? Join: www.facebook.com/presetsheavencom and/or www.twitter.com/presetsheaven

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15 responses to “Tutorial: How to import presets into Adobe Lightroom”

  1. MrAcornBurrka says:

    You guys are simply…amazing!

  2. Morgan Elise says:


  3. Mattie RPhotography says:

    I like this video. To the point!!

  4. captainmarkusposinus says:

    Hi David,

    same version of LR and also running a mac: solution is clicking while holding down the ctrl button. It worked for me and hope it will for you too.
    all the best,

  5. AshtonPhoto says:

    Nah, that was not too long. He got right to it.

  6. vinh tu says:

    That wasn’t too hard but u made it too long haha

  7. David Moore says:

    Correction, it does work now I have checked by Trackpad settings – sorry

  8. David Moore says:

    Hi –

    Seems easy except there is no right click menu coming up if you do this in Lightroom 4 on a Mac – so how else can this be done if no menu shows?


  9. savillejoe63 says:


  10. cariboup says:

    very helpful! thanks a lot:)

  11. igoblue says:

    This is great, thanks!

  12. darrendewitt says:

    no i have not downloaded or know how. it goes to something called winrar. thanks for skipping right past all the first steps.

  13. jerryalton says:

    Very helpful!!

  14. lavender7750 says:

    Your tutorial was very helpful. Thanks

  15. DARi05 says:

    Thank you Pierre.

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