Excel Tutorial – SUMIF function

Excel Tutorial - SUMIF function

Today I show you how to use SUMIF to analyse your data. Ever needed to add things together based on category? Have two columns but only want the total of column two where x = “something”? This is for you. Works in Excel 2003 and Excel 2007
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10 responses to “Excel Tutorial – SUMIF function”

  1. humblecuzz says:

    yeah very helpful and clear i needed a simple example to understand the formula and this did it

  2. Musa Salami says:

    Great work. i appreciate your effort, this unlock my understanding at first sight.

  3. Ret Wit says:

    Thanks Nick..its nice hearing another Aussie and wow I just learnt how to SUM IF !!!!!!!!!!

  4. ownerpk3058 says:

    Thanks that was great!

  5. normanlucasjr says:

    got my igcse ict mocks coming up and this was really useful!!! thanks!!

  6. alexis española-agana says:

    sorry, your voice is too slang I can’t understand some of the words you say, it seems to me that you murmuring something.

  7. RyanJoe501 says:

    Heartfelt thanks!!

  8. Ileddie says:

    Oh shit, my houn size is at an all time high thanks to this video. HOUN SIZE PULLETH!

  9. k0kizzle says:

    Very helpful ! Many thanks !!!

  10. dandyrocket says:

    OMG, thank you so much for posting this video. It really helped me 😀

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