[HD] Website Drop Shadow with CSS Dreamweaver Tutorial!

[HD] Website Drop Shadow with CSS Dreamweaver Tutorial!

Let’s learn how to create a drop shadow that runs along your site, and, if your site expands, expands with it! We will start in Photoshop where we will create a nice little drop shadow graphic and then it’s off to Dreamweaver for some CSS and Div-tacular fun… yep that was certifiably lame, but enjoy the video anyway! Be sure to check out www.tutvid.com Check out the blog @ http
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22 responses to “[HD] Website Drop Shadow with CSS Dreamweaver Tutorial!”

  1. Cole Gagliano says:

    Your shadow works the best, I’d like to thank you for just posting this comment!

  2. Cole Gagliano says:

    And DirtyNineDJ’s shadow looks a lot more real!

  3. Cole Gagliano says:

    DirtyNineDJ is right

  4. Ruth Butler says:

    I learned a lot from our video.

  5. jweb3d says:

    great tutorial, very well explained. I did everything correctly and when i look at in design view in dreamweaver its visible but when i click to preview in my browser (safari and firefox) it is not visible wonder where i went wrong?

  6. PhysicalKontact says:

    sucks to be me… i only say this comment 10 mins into the video hahahaha

    thanks though 😛

  7. Nik0laix72 says:

    Thank you so much bro it helped me a lot!!!!!!

  8. syrinx32123 says:

    where do I add that on my CSS style sheet?

  9. sportsfan1100 says:

    where is that option in dreamweaver?

  10. Felician Galgau says:

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  11. raja rehman says:

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  12. unlokia says:

    Yep, this guy is using old techniques. Box shadow is the way!

  13. Catherine O' Donnell says:

    Excellent videos, glad i found them.

  14. AllStarBandit says:

    i watched 3:18 before i scrolled down and read this… 2 THUMBS UP

  15. Frenksez says:

    lol i didn’t even watch the video x) thanks

  16. OggOrbisMedia says:

    Great info thanks!

  17. supericy2 says:

    Yeah, just when you create your shadow image, remove the background layer and save it as a .png. That way u can have any background colour. Or you can use css3 styling as many other comments are suggesting.

  18. Saša Benčić says:

    and than some1 without ccs3 ability as its not really a standard yet cant see it :/

  19. FlummFnissan says:

    It is possible to make a shadow without background so that you can use it over different background-colours?

  20. Felician Galgau says:

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  21. Kankerzwijn says:

    Very very good! Maybe there are quicker ways, but still this is extremely helpfull!
    Thanks sir!!

  22. mrrobville says:

    Haha, Genius, it works like a charm!

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