Film Dust and Scratches (and a little extra) – Adobe After Effects tutorial

Film Dust and Scratches (and a little extra) - Adobe After Effects tutorial

Make your video dusty and scratchy and you don’t even have to own a projector or film camera. Just Adobe After Effects! I’m using adobe CC but you can do thi…
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24 responses to “Film Dust and Scratches (and a little extra) – Adobe After Effects tutorial”

  1. kriss BOUMBAD says:

    thanks alot

  2. MotiveCap says:

    This is awesome

  3. hedende says:

    Can you do a tutorial about Retro / VHS look ?

  4. Mae Voogd says:

    Amazing! thank you!

  5. Tom D says:

    thanks man. good tip.

  6. Kemal Perkasa Ariadi says:

    most useful

  7. Sam Tochelli says:

    Evan, could you do a tutorial on how to do the chroma distortion in this
    video: /watch?v=f_aw3kZo3tg I tried searching up some tutorials but could
    only find stuff on chroma aberration, which doesn’t give the same result

  8. Cris isBliss says:

    I’m posting this question as I watch the video. I don’t know if you answer
    it later on. But is there any particular reason that you chose to use
    random()*100 instead of random(0,100). This gives a random number on each
    frame, how would I change the expression to give a random number every
    other or change every 5 frames?

  9. ECAbrams says:

    sounds like golden age syndrome. But I do enjoy many aspects of the
    cultural shift to embrace the novelty of the historical.

  10. Tom Shannon Animation says:

    Used these sorts of effects on one of my showreels for my exhibition 🙂
    Showcased it on a retro TV aswell so it looked really good. If anyone
    interested in after effects animation like kinetic typography amongst other
    things, check out my channel it’s pretty much what I’m all about 🙂 thanks.

  11. acha mahide says:

    learned more from this guys than any class I been in.

  12. ECAbrams says:

    well thank you kindly sir. Your patronage is much appreciated. And enjoy
    wedding season! I’m told it’s one of the most lucrative for small video
    production businesses.

  13. elijahalvarado says:

    Hey! Thanks for the tutorials! Created this video with A LOT of help from
    you! youtube /watch?v=XuG2x76CMEs Hope you like it!

  14. ECAbrams says:

    I think I just set the text to be Add or some other blending mode. Not much
    to it I’m afraid.

  15. iSLe6eN says:


  16. sepeterson86 says:

    How did you tweak the audio to sound like it was really old like that. It
    reminds me of those old school informational videos featuring Timmy! It was
    always Timmy!

  17. Sam Tochelli says:

    He shows it off at about 0:35 The video is an effects breakdown so you
    should see it pop up with text underneath for each effect

  18. Freeman Empire says:

    Dude you’re so amazing ! The thing is that i’m making a videoclip of a song
    i’ve done with my friends and every single tutorials that you’ve make are
    usefull for my vid ! I even bought the chromatic abberation ! I’ll use this
    one too ! Thank you or as we say in Canada , Merci !

  19. Cris isBliss says:

    great tutorial, multiple things learned.

  20. Rodrigo Souza Produções says:

    This this perfect, in fact all are perfect, you are still doing a great
    good for humanity!

  21. ECAbrams says:

    I prefer the way only because I can type it faster and it does the same
    thing. As for your question about the frames just use posterize time as an
    expression or effect. Enjoy.

  22. Smekzy Edits says:

    I gotta say, the vignette made the tutorial 😉

  23. Haitham Rashid says:

    Hello, I have a film idea that I need to shot from the actor’s POV which
    have a scene to shot in front of mirror. How can I reflect the actors body
    in the mirror? help me plz

  24. splitscreenprod says:

    Thanks I just ended up doing basically the same thing but in audition. It
    really adds to the picture.

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