How to Use Adobe Illustrator’s Pen Tool to Draw a Fashion Sketch

How to Use Adobe Illustrator's Pen Tool to Draw a Fashion Sketch

Adobe Illustrator’s pen tool is a great way to trace your hand drawn fashion sketch. It allows you to have precise control over the curvature of your lines and is easy to control. I’m available for tutoring for Illustrator:

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14 responses to “How to Use Adobe Illustrator’s Pen Tool to Draw a Fashion Sketch”

  1. Angel Hernandez says:

    thank you i really learned a lot with your short tutorial,,, thanks a lot

  2. Tony Kamm says:

    Thanks. This helped me out a lot. It gave me a simple understanding that other video tutorials didn’t.

  3. nicktheandroid says:

    good video

  4. 501mydream says:

    Thank you so much for this video.
    I really want to know how to design a dress or something related to fashion using Illustrator
    Being a designer is my biggest dream since grade 1 LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    and yea.. though I am an I.T. student i really love doing fashion designing and thank youuu~ ^^

  5. MissLuckyirishlass says:

    excellent video, all i wanted was to be shown how to use the pen tool, and you did that perfectly! thanks!

  6. kidgecartoon says:

    Brilliantly done! thank you!

  7. thunderkiss80 says:

    Thank you, you were extremely easy to follow and clear.

  8. TheAdarana says:

    Nice tutorial .. i think i’m in love w/ you’re voice.. LOL

  9. tigztag says:

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial! Very helpful!

  10. slacsdbrr says:

    very informative thanks for your time

  11. carmensereneful says:

    Hi, Thank you so much you were very clear. 🙂

  12. Charles Nichols says:

    Omg Miss! Thank you soooo much..
    Ive been trying to find a Video,Tutorial SOMETHING TO help with me my drawings/pen tool.
    Perfect Explaining !

  13. SewHeidi says:

    Yes, I scanned that hand drawn sketch in and then “traced” it using the pen tool. Hope that helps you understand the tutorial! Let me know if you’ve got other questions. Thanks, Heidi

  14. Sergio Palma says:

    so that grey model you had was a sketch you did and then put it in the computer?

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