[HowTo] Make Your Videos Fast or Slow Motion (WMM & Vegas)

[HowTo] Make Your Videos Fast or Slow Motion (WMM & Vegas)

In this video tutorial I will be showing you how to add a slow motion or fast motion effect to your videos using Windows Movie Maker and Sony Vegas. This is a very basic tutorial. Sony Vegas Trial: www.sonycreativesoftware.com Thanks for watching and have a nice day guys. ­čÖé My website: fireworkstutorial.co.cc Twitter www.twitter.com Free Downloads: fwtdownloads.tk Make Easy, Quick Cash Online! http Video requested by: leonardo1480
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22 responses to “[HowTo] Make Your Videos Fast or Slow Motion (WMM & Vegas)”

  1. Eyan Mc says:

    you got it´╗┐ good thank you..

  2. InfernoTNT says:

    what´╗┐ name?´╗┐

  3. InfernoTNT says:

    what´╗┐ name?

  4. NAVLE PRAVIN says:

    nice video

  5. panin trara says:

    Thank you´╗┐ ÔŁĄÔŁĄÔŁĄ

  6. minecraftana1 says:

    You need a youtube partnership´╗┐

  7. tellarkitten10 says:

    Thats smart´╗┐ :3

  8. MrNahuel333 says:

    how i´╗┐ can get it?

  9. Charlie Kirk says:

    very´╗┐ helpful

  10. StopPrism4251 says:

    I dont´╗┐ have the slow mo add on thing in my effects what do i do? i have windows 7

  11. brooklyn gilstrap says:

    Can´╗┐ you do it on videos that you are watching?

  12. Benjamin Burkhead says:

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  13. shauna barnes says:

    what if u only want the effect in one part of´╗┐ the vid?

  14. vegasinthehouse says:

    can you do how to put sparta remix for a request video´╗┐

  15. TheCodkillsyou says:

    i was´╗┐ about to ask that ­čśŤ not fair

  16. DarkSaber9000 says:

    But windows movie maker sucks and i use´╗┐ camtasia studio 7

  17. prozombieguy1 says:

    sony vegas 8.0

  18. multigamefreak7 says:

    I’m a youtube partner but I´╗┐ don’t know how

  19. rachetandclank100 says:

    a´╗┐ what?

  20. EyeforaeyeRS says:

    o tks´╗┐

  21. avrillafakeletgo says:

    thanx you helped me much!
    i got another question like when u make a video and how´╗┐ do you make your voice get such a good quality?

  22. BratzIZ says:

    Y U´╗┐ no read the title?

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