Adobe Illustrator CS5 Tutorial 12 | Tails from Sonic (Part 1)

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Tutorial 12 | Tails from Sonic (Part 1)

Download the AI file @ Here is a quick run through of drawing tails from sonic the hedgehog. He actually looks pretty good at the end…
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11 responses to “Adobe Illustrator CS5 Tutorial 12 | Tails from Sonic (Part 1)”

  1. alex larsen says:

    thanks for this all tut dude! cheers

  2. Andrea Cheang says:

    Hey man! Thanks for all your tutorials, I was looking on the internet for an economcal solution on educating myself about the software… Your videos have really helped.

  3. SpiritQuantum says:

    I like how you don’t give a fuck if stuff is becoming beautiful or not.

  4. JuNaiD MiR says:

    msg me ur facebook id? i wanna show u my kittie?

  5. JREAM says:

    haha thansk lol 🙂

  6. JREAM says:


  7. JuNaiD MiR says:

    thanks u so much brother .. i loved ur kittie @JREAMdesign !!! owsome work … simple n cute

  8. JREAM says:


  9. da dave dude says:

    the reason this video is to fast 4 yall is because yall r SLOW!!

  10. Frost Byte says:


  11. TednTin says:

    i think ctrl+[

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