iMovie For iPhone 4 Review / Tutorial / How To

iMovie For iPhone 4 Review / Tutorial / How To

iMovie For iPhone 4 Review / Tutorial / How To

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21 responses to “iMovie For iPhone 4 Review / Tutorial / How To”

  1. Nick Katzfey says:

    With version 1.2.2, you can’t do transitions(so I think) if you know how, help please!

  2. Dmollings says:

    Can I Do It On My iPod Touch 4th Gen.

  3. michimichi11111 says:

    i will make an video with my top 5 songs and have 5 vids of my songs on my iPhone but when i will put it into imovie he dont want to put it into the projekt.. ??? please help me—…

  4. Bobby Ring says:

    The themes won’t work for me?

  5. legos249 says:

    @doubleipodnerdburito well I tried and it sucked so mane I’m just doin it wrong

  6. DoubleIpodNerdBurito says:

    could u make a stop motion?

  7. hansoulofull says:

    i love this app! it works great, but i was wondering if anyone knew how to convert my videos from the imovie app onto my computer? without uploading it to youtube or sending it in an email. Thanks!

  8. zambranoalfredosk8 says:

    Can you add music from your library?

  9. dannyboy20686 says:

    By the way I have made my own video with the Iphone 4 which is a tribute video to Basingstoke. Let me know what you think.

  10. dannyboy20686 says:

    @DanEccleston thanks dan that makes sense I will give I a try.

  11. overvision says:

    lol, sweet! Remember when iPhones were dissed for not having cut & paste. iHaters refuse to admit that the iPhones are way ahead of their time!

  12. DanEccleston says:

    there is away around this. If you open a new project and import the picture. Export the movie to your camera roll. Now all you need to do is import the clip (containing your photo) into the main project and and text. Its a long way round but when needs must…

    I hope that made sense 🙂

  13. dannyboy20686 says:

    Strengthfromabove83 I found the same problem. You can only add titles and words etc to video and not pictures!! Bit of a bummer that.

  14. Mobz2596 says:

    0:08 - iPod Touch 3GS :L

  15. StrengthFromAbove83 says:

    when I double tap on the thing to make titles… it doesn’t do a thing…. WHY???

  16. sccerstr09 says:

    Can you review Splice?

  17. Liberty4Ever says:

    I don’t have a nice Mac, but editing with iMovie on my new iPod touch 4 is way faster than my old notebook PC. The ability to edit a movie and upload it to YouTube from any WiFi hotspot is going to be a great feature that’s not only convenient, but also good for very fast breaking news stories.

  18. davidroberts612 says:

    Works on the iPod Touch 4g too.

  19. LozerClub says:

    i have a few questions 🙂

    1. when you make a title on a clip, does it go away after a few seconds or does it stay for the whole clip?

    2. can you change the speed of the clips?

    3. can you cut in the middle of a clip instead of some seconds off of either side?

    sorry for the long comment but i didn’t find anyone that covered them

  20. johnallie03 says:

    i cant put a title on a picture but i could put a title on videos.. Help me!!

  21. bigtruckseriesreview says:

    How do you setup a title so that it is only on for 10 seconds?

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