3ds Max Tutorial 2: Adobe Illustrator to Max

3ds Max Tutorial 2: Adobe Illustrator to Max

Importing vector designs from Adobe Illustrator to 3ds Max. Extruding and smoothing text. How to clay render.
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13 responses to “3ds Max Tutorial 2: Adobe Illustrator to Max”

  1. qtippz says:

    Thank you for this!

  2. PowderpuffPuncher says:

    When ever I import into max I just get a little rectangular box with no text in – anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

  3. MissionGrey says:

    Thank You, if you have any more tricky things, let me know. I will try to cover them.

  4. rednivog50 says:

    You are a LIFE SAVER – Dude… For over 2-3 years I have been troubled by the millions of vertices I had to clean up when exporting DWG. Eventually I told my self… DAMN IT…. There has to be an easier way… and guess what… THERE IS… All thanks to you. Im subscribing to your channel right now.

  5. Paul Mckenna says:

    Thanks very much. Clear and Concise!

  6. PowderpuffPuncher says:

    …but how do you import a multi layered illustrator file into 3ds max? I’ve drawn a 3 storey floor plan in illustrator all on separate layers (about 6 in total), but when I import the file into 3ds max some of the layers seem to converge with other layers…?

  7. PHENOM766 says:

    Yh, I meant that AFTER importing the vector from illustrator 3DS Max won’t bevel it, only the outlines but not the fill.

  8. MissionGrey says:

    When transferring it will not read the bevel. You will have to add that in 3ds Max.

  9. PHENOM766 says:

    in 3ds max when I bevel the illustrator 3 file it only does the outlines (this happened on every vector file I tried, each time I manually drew out the shape with the pen tool, whats wrongg??)

  10. MissionGrey says:

    your welcome!

  11. MissionGrey says:

    your welcome, Im working on some new content to help refine that stuff more

  12. masochistka says:

    Great tutorial! Finally I got rid of the “spikes”. I had no idea what caused them. Thank you!

  13. hapimp says:

    Thanks for this mate!

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