Ordinary to Extraordinary – Creating a Mood Shot in Lightroom and/or ACR (Adobe Camera Raw)

Ordinary to Extraordinary - Creating a Mood Shot in Lightroom and/or ACR (Adobe Camera Raw)

Full article and exercise files at – www.slrlounge.com To see all before and after images, visit the SLR Lounge Facebook Photo Album at – www.facebook.com Time for another Ordinary to Extraordinary Lightroom/ACR RAW edit. While we will be using Lightroom for this tutorial, keep in mind that you can use Adobe Camera Raw in exactly the same way. All the tools are the same, it simply has a different layout. In this Lightroom tutorial, we will be taking a very average shot of a bride in front of a window and cleaning up all of the extra background junk. We will produce this shot to be a mood shot, meaning it will be very warm. We will also create a black and white version as well. Enjoy!

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9 responses to “Ordinary to Extraordinary – Creating a Mood Shot in Lightroom and/or ACR (Adobe Camera Raw)”

  1. Photolou Martinez says:

    Sweet thank you.

  2. kadeeemTV says:

    Awesome. I really need to either explore Lr more and pick up these little nuances. I can save a bunch of the images I end up not keeping due to annoying things messing up the image.

  3. Bernard younas says:

    it is very nice to watch, i think if we crop it, rest can be done easily.

  4. heattherm says:

    Great Tut!

  5. Brent Newton says:

    Thumbnail looked like a person a star trek transporter.

  6. tankobear says:

    If the outside sky were blue but the shot is just over exposed there, will you bring the blue down with exposure or you think it will change the focal point of the picture?

  7. eddie918 says:

    You’re awesome. Very instructive. I thought you were going to crop, and cropping is something i’ve been taught not to do, get it right in camera and at most crop just a little to have straight lines or get rid of something on the edges. What you did instead by creating that negative space of blacked out borders was really creative and doing so makes the barrel distortion less obvious and the photo extremely appealing. Very very good work. fantastic.

  8. quezzer1 says:

    you are awesome for this tutorial been looking for a good lightroom tutorial FOREVER!!!! thanxxxxs!!!!

  9. imdrzoidberg says:

    your ordinary was already extraordinary 

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