iMovie Tutorial | How to Audio Fade In And Out

iMovie Tutorial | How to Audio Fade In And Out

SUBSCRIBE RATE & COMMENT Learn how to fade music in and out of your movie editor on iMovie so that it plays exactly how you want it to play on YouTube or any other video sharing site. This is a very cool simple trick that really has made a big difference in the quality of my videos and I just wanted to share the knowledge to anyone who owns or uses iMovie to edit their movie for video sharing. Enjoy!! Please Subscribe Rate & Comment.

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14 responses to “iMovie Tutorial | How to Audio Fade In And Out”

  1. PhilemonXIV says:

    You rock!!! I would have never, ever found out how to do that… Thank you so much!

  2. biffbyford says:

    Is there a way to fade audio in & out like in GargageBand? e.g. adding “dot” pointe by clicking the detached audio and then dragging the volume line up and down? It’s really frustrating as this yellow rectangle appears and stops me from working on larger parts of the audio. iMovie ’11 9.0.8. Thanks!

  3. linnahlborg says:

    I don’t have that music button there!?!?

  4. Trish Jones says:

    Thank you Brian. I was wondering how you fade the music in the background whilst you speak … really appreciate this tip! I also worked out how to fade at the end of the video which also adds a nice touch.

  5. PJFIV says:

    “Exodus. Movement of ja people.”

  6. pjensen86 says:

    Thanks man. Exactly the tutorial I needed to figure out how to do this. Appreciate it.

  7. myoddfamily says:

    your videos SAVE ME

  8. kinoglaz72 says:

    This is a tutorial on “ducking” only, not on how to fade out, say, at the end of a scene or movie. The title of the video needs revising.

  9. superoby99 says:

    i don’t have the audio button?

  10. damiansbusiness says:

    Tnks man!!! Very helpful!! from South Beach!

  11. TheKarisean says:

    Thanks a lot! I have a different version of iMovie than you, some of the buttons were different, but the ducking tool was all the same. 🙂

  12. dublinkittykat says:

    nice tutorial Thanks .. 😉

  13. beccaputt says:

    thank youuuu!

  14. Quick2000 says:

    Great Work Brian! Helped a lot and I sent you a message for a couple other questions about Audio in iMovie.

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