Live Tutorial After Effects Face Morph

Live Tutorial After Effects Face Morph

This was a LIVE after effects tutorial to do a Face Morph with after effects. Some really great tips and of course the joy of a live event when you can see me mess up. Enjoy this after effects tutorial and please subscribe. Thanks.

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23 responses to “Live Tutorial After Effects Face Morph”

  1. Jeffry Jesus De la Rosa says:

    Thanks Mike, I couldn’t be. But thanks for sharing the video

  2. Mikey Borup says:

    I’d love to see what you come up with!, feel free to post it here as a video response so everybody can see it.

  3. Mikey Borup says:

    If anybody came in late, this video will be up on the channel shortly

  4. Mikey Borup says:

    Thanks to everybody who showed up

  5. Martin Fernandez says:

    Good, thanks!

  6. Silviu Ardelean says:

    Thank you!

  7. Аванесса Трии says:

    bye )

  8. Hasnain Khattak says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. It is really an awesome technique. And I’ve already subscribed. I will do my homework and show you what I have done from your lesson:)

  9. Аванесса Трии says:

    good outtake )

  10. Аванесса Трии says:

    yeah )

  11. Sadler Johnson says:

    Thank you very much – another tool to our arsenal

  12. Аванесса Трии says:

    looks cool )

  13. Аванесса Трии says:

    would be great )

  14. groundhog3d says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, i use AE for many years, but never tried the liqufy tool

  15. Аванесса Трии says:

    would you show us some special stuff with face morph? - may some advanced advices )

  16. Hasnain Khattak says:

    I’m going to try using this technique on cars

  17. Mikey Borup says:


  18. Silviu Ardelean says:

    I actually made one for myself today after I’ve seen your page 😀

  19. Аванесса Трии says:

    yes ))

  20. Aaron Allsop says:

    Free gif or gift?

  21. Hasnain Khattak says:

    Yes for the hair

  22. Hasnain Khattak says:

    Puppet warp

  23. Kendall Brown says:

    No on the timeline.

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