Illustrator: 3D Ribbons – Tutorial

Illustrator: 3D Ribbons - Tutorial

How to make 3D ribbons in Adobe Illustrator. Website: For web design, print design, brand design or illustration services, visit m…
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23 responses to “Illustrator: 3D Ribbons – Tutorial”

  1. Manu52324 says:


  2. daphnieas says:

    Great tutorial, thank you very much!

  3. pak pg says:

    very naice


  4. Dee Vigga says:

    Great tut – thanks!

  5. Zsolt Cicero says:


  6. Lucy Schulze says:


  7. utmyocf . says:


  8. Marcin Różewski says:

    Thanks you. This tutorial is very useful

  9. fiddlinnita says:

    Thanks so much. I have CS4 and it works fine. I’m having a little trouble getting it lined up. THANKS A MIL FOR SHARING YOUR TIME & TALENT!

  10. PatchesRips says:

    Love your accent. Could listen to you for hours. Oh, and the tuts rule too. 😀

  11. Sudeep Rai says:

    Thank so much, you the best 4 me

  12. lulugoh says:

    Draw a triangle, cut the left half, use 3D revolve than u get an ice cream cone, and after that all steps follow exactly same as this tutorial, need to check the “scale to fit” too. rotate the ribbon symbol in map as this tutorial, than u get a christmas tree!

  13. lulugoh says:

    Haha this is easy! Thanks for your tutorial~! I’m using AI CS6, no problem and i can draw exactly the same as u teach!

  14. deepsrajput07 says:

    plzz say how to create duplicate of strangle object plzz say help me

  15. Illustrator King says:

    Hey guckt euch mal bitte meine Adobe Illustrator Tutorials an 😀
    Hi, please look at my Adobe Illustrator Tutorials 😀

  16. back2theunderground says:

    I had the same issue, could not resolve it! 

  17. JAWsource2 says:

    Hello, thanks for the tutorial. I am using Illustrator CS5 and when I do this the edges are all jagged. Why does this happen to me? My anti-alias box is checked. It is especially noticable when doing this with spheres. Any suggestions?

  18. Edward Roussou says:

    You can leave the stripes horiontal and fix them in 3D.
    Works perfect!

  19. ronmel castillo says:

    how to make ribbon with shape of christmastree?

  20. sandypet1995 says:


  21. talhakhanpakistan says:

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  22. Mohammed Ali says:

    great thanks so much for sharing

  23. Sean Erdrich says:

    Hadn’t thought of doing that before, nice tutorial!

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