15 – Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS5)

15 - Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS5)

Description: If you would like to download this completed website along with the framework and resources (images and JavaScript) used to create the site with Adobe Dreamweaver please visit www.timothyframework.com
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24 responses to “15 – Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS5)”

  1. Dennis Harrison says:

    im gonna go ahead –say these tuts are cool

  2. WorksOfBird says:


  3. Colleen Sanford says:

    How did you fix it? I’ve been banging my head against a wall trying to get my class tags to work.

  4. TutoriaEducacional says:

    I have a question related to the class=”date” in my css when I apply the margin-bottom: 3px, It does not do anything, I did apply the Font-weight and it work I apply the color it did work too. but not the margin-bottom, what am I doing wrong can anyone help me out I got stuck in here…Help would be so appreciate it.

  5. Olu Dice says:

    Why would anyone dislike these videos? It must be by accident!!!

  6. Rzo Me says:

    i’ve got a problem: when i format headings, everything looks fine on “design” mode, but when i go to “live view”, h1 is not formatted at all. On “properties for h1” everything looks fine too so I don’t get why it won’t show the way its suppose to be. I had this problem from the beginning of the videos but i though i could fix it when we get to this lesson. Any thoughts?

  7. j bob says:


  8. Blin Kazazi says:

    try: text-decoration:none;

  9. isak hejnesen says:

    sry my topnav text still displays as a link but when i hover over it isnt a problem. but i want it to be black and i have done just as you did, so can someone maybe help me?

    [please help]

  10. Pat Mills Sullivan says:

    I cant believe that I once thought I had to sign up for expensive classes.
    I’m learning much faster now.

  11. brian selleri says:

    also mine, how do you solve it?

  12. jusosa says:

    My logo looks weird wat pixels do i create it on? and what size do i put in sourcecode?

  13. subash maharjan says:

    why do i have automatic spaces between text and other object? I haven’t put the spacing anywhere yet they tend to appear. any help guys?

  14. MsMusic4US says:

    lol good one

  15. 7digitss says:

    never mind, I fixed it 😉

  16. 7digitss says:

    damn, when I apply the image frame class style to the images, it doesn’t do anything. is there anything that might be causing this?? everything appears to be typed correctly and no error lines are coming up. please help

  17. Christian Vielman says:

    This is happening to me as well, I don’t know how to get rid of the underline. I’ve been looking around. I’m working on DW off a mac, I’m not sure if that makes a difference.

  18. Christian Vielman says:

    For some reason my margin-bottom for the date is not working. It only moves the middle dates when in design view. Once I go live, they’re all still spaced out.

  19. hali9999 says:

    what nutters disliked?

  20. Zynue0327 says:

    my content pictures did not align? what seems to be the problem?

  21. ibaad naqvi says:

    my footer border is not coming in center.it’s stretching to white borders

  22. cloud9west says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for all these amazing tutorials!

  23. Hanh Bui says:

    Thanks so much for the tutorials! It’s really worth time watching. Can I ask you something? In the previous video, whenever you add link to some text (the topnav), the text is underlined! It happens the same to my website. How do I get rid of the underline? Thanks

  24. BONNY310 says:

    Just maybe someone like to download this completed website along with the framework and resources, please,e-mail me:( igwilo20002003@yahoo.com ) at price of $20

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