C# Tutorial – Declaring and adding data to Arrays

C# Tutorial - Declaring and adding data to Arrays

Quick video on how to declare and add data to an array.
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20 responses to “C# Tutorial – Declaring and adding data to Arrays”

  1. Yeren Kanat says:

    GOD bless u! Can u make videos about C# 5 ( asynchronous programming, etc)

  2. Yariv Doron says:

    Hi. First of all thank you for all of your videos. I became an instant fan
    I do have a quick question about the Location of the declaration.
    Whenever I declare an array , I find that some of the other methods/classes
    will not recognise it. So I start to move it around until I get all of the
    methods to “see it”.
    So what’s the difference between, for example, declaring before the
    initializing component (WPF) or before the public Form ? Etc.

  3. angelsv says:

    You also can declare: int nums [] = new int [10];

    Good tutorial must say!. 

  4. rawmouseius says:

    If you want to know what im going though… Well… Hell! nah im just
    kidding 😛 im trying to create an array that will, for each time you press
    a button add whats in the textbox into an array which will later be opened
    in a different form, or rather be used in a “if else” sequense in differant
    form :P

  5. sighanos says:

    Is there a way to take user input as the data for the array?

  6. fdama says:

    No problem. Just to clarify my previous comment, I do understand the
    concept of multidimensional arrays and jagged arrays but its their
    implementation in a program that I sometimes get confused with.

  7. fdama says:

    Great video. I was just starting on arrays and you’ve explained it
    perfectly, better than my book and better than the other C# videos on
    youtube. It would be great if maybe you could expand on this and talk about
    multidimensional arrays and jagged arrays. I dont know why but it still
    doesnt seem crystal clear to me.

  8. zee Lastjam says:

    what does i present in C#?? Not to be dumb, i am totally new in c#

  9. timothy wokutch says:

    Hey man this is an amazing video. Please keep them coming… I also have a
    request dealing with arrays. What about an array where the user defines the
    number of spaces as well as the content, in the console.

  10. zee Lastjam says:

    do we have to use foreach (int i in numbs)??? also what does i present in

  11. kyahaybay says:

    Thanks alot

  12. Fabio Scopel says:

    Perfect! Comment is appreciated and thank you very much for the suggestion.
    That’s exactly what I am looking for. I will definitely put a video
    together exploring arrays in more depth.

  13. YTavish141 says:

    Thaaankk YOU!!!!

  14. hi says:

    dude you are the best! you just helped me do my homework!!! My professor
    needs to be fired!!

  15. Fabio Scopel says:

    I posted a vid about multidimensional arrays. Check it out when you get a
    chance. Thank you.

  16. Hadalor Lamis says:

    that is great. best I have seen so far on the subject. cool

  17. zee Lastjam says:

    do we really have to use foreach (int i in numbs)???

  18. utkarsh akhouri says:

    what if you want to read from a textfile and store it in an array?? Thanks!

  19. Kian heng Soh says:

    Hmm. I would want to ask whether how you create a list of array which is
    integer and can be pick out randomly when the user enter the number.

  20. Leonardo Pereira says:

    Fabio, im a kinda lost with arrays cus of my c/c++ experience. In c, i
    could atribute to an array just a word,and then, every slot of this array
    must have a letter. But in C#, every slot contains the whole word, and then
    im not able to search inside this array for letters. Is there some way to
    do that? Or this is just possible in c/c++? Sry about my english, im from
    brazil. Grats

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