WordPress Tutorial: HTML To WordPress Pt.1

Wordpress Tutorial: HTML To WordPress Pt.1

this is a tutorial on how I created my website in this tutorial I show you how to code an html & CSS template to get it to work with wordpress and php coding…
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15 responses to “WordPress Tutorial: HTML To WordPress Pt.1”

  1. Amrouf Ahamed says:

    Thanks for help´╗┐

  2. M Noman says:

    hello how easy is it to do psd to opencart? thanks

  3. Soltero202 says:

    how can i get intouch with you please contact me at solterohombre@yahoo.com
    thanks much

  4. Dinesh Choudhary says:

    Why are you fucking here Man… Hello All Friends He just time passing
    here. Its fake video. He is a supar lol.

  5. FantasiArt says:

    Part 2 coming soon more web designs coming.

  6. Enrique de Larrazabal says:

    @MrBazinger Coda is one of the best, but i still think that Dreamweaver is

  7. Darko Petkovski says:

    Where is part two?

  8. gidon levy says:

    LOL your poster on the wall thanks bro

  9. lilacdream1000 says:

    can you please do a video for beginners, and the basics that a beginner
    should know and have, and some free software you could recommend besides
    Dreamweaver. thnx.

  10. tutor4us says:

    Nice try, but maybe it is handy to know what should be in the head and what
    absolutly not, but yes in the file named header.php ugh!, You copy things
    which should absolutly never in the HEAD as shown in your tut here, this is
    so bad/Wrong…! (from 6:00 to 7:30 or some is totally at the wrong place)
    It is a part which comes after the body “stuf” (sorry can’t put code here
    on utube) The footer.php should also be closed with end body/html tags. You
    tried but kinda…ehm..failed, sorry to say.

  11. Leroy Abney says:

    I am a web designer and I recorded a bunch of video tutorials about
    wordpress. It really is the most complete wordpress course ever created. I
    uploaded a sample part of the training on my channel. go check it out….

  12. Kinddy Lee says:

    I like your toturial and your style! Thank you!

  13. Syed zeeshan ahmed says:

    This is Shit man he is just wasting time…

  14. Ammar Rashad says:

    to get the Twenty Ten theme just go to wordpress site and search for twenty
    ten and open it and download.

  15. MyHohho says:

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