3D Minecraft Tutorial – Minecraft Villager – Part 3 – Control Panel

3D Minecraft Tutorial - Minecraft Villager - Part 3 - Control Panel

In this tutorial we make the control panel and the morphers for the head. —————————————————————- Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com My Other Channel: www.youtube.com —————————— If any of these tutorials helped you out and you create any awesome minecraft videos, please mention my channel I would be eternally grateful ­čÖé —————————– Previous Tutorial [–]:

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9 responses to “3D Minecraft Tutorial – Minecraft Villager – Part 3 – Control Panel”

  1. myk mor says:

    But´╗┐ what is bed front a

  2. GlitchMega says:

    goto bin>minecraft>terrain> there you´╗┐ go

  3. myk mor says:

    no. all textures´╗┐ of minecraft

  4. The3DSMAXChannel says:

    The texture is´╗┐ in the description of part 2.

  5. myk mor says:

    Can´╗┐ you send me minecraft textures?

  6. Minecraftcenter1234 says:

    Are u using´╗┐ 3dsmax or maya

  7. AsitorCorporation says:

    Good tutorials you make, just I am new to this and dont have a clue what you are doing and why! I am just using these to´╗┐ help me along as I do it my own way, so thanks for these videos!

  8. JacktheFXGuy says:

    hey i love your videos and´╗┐ i have been following your minecraft rig guy but how come my characters head doesnt work when i use morpher

  9. eric1596 says:


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