3ds max glow tutorial

3ds max glow tutorial


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20 responses to “3ds max glow tutorial”

  1. MyKosmik says:

    Wow!! excellent! thanks´╗┐ ­čÖé

  2. LittleBigMuslimTV says:

    NOW, you can make depth in you’re 3ds max´╗┐ meshes throw this video here
    you can fix flatten meshes issue!!

  3. Manuel Camelo says:

    Holy´╗┐ awesome, looks like Radioactive or something =D

  4. recklesswit2891 says:

    I really appreciate your video. MAn you made the´╗┐ perfect one thanks!!!

  5. serdar tibet says:

    what is bitmap expected unsupported GBuffer channel´╗┐ transparency

  6. Anonyomus4700 says:

    that video was very´╗┐ helpful

  7. creativeprojects720 says:

    under´╗┐ options, don’t forget to check the small boxes at the left side that select the material id number. I am using 3d max 3.0 which we got a long time ago. good luck

  8. creativeprojects720 says:

    go to rendering –effects — choose the glow–go down to parameters—under radial color´╗┐ the left side one change it to the color you want,´╗┐ and render ­čÖé

  9. creativeprojects720 says:

    go to rendering –effects — choose the glow–go down to parameters—under radial color the left´╗┐ side one change it to the color you want, and render ­čÖé

  10. creativeprojects720 says:


  11. Left4Pig says:

    my color is not´╗┐ changing why?

  12. Left4Pig says:

    it-s not glowing ;(

  13. sam ali says:

    Thank you very´╗┐ much

  14. Bernice D'vyne says:

    Thank you for your help. I tried unchecking glow behind, but it didn’t work. I posted a video on my youtube page to help show what it is I am trying to do. Perhaps you might have some´╗┐ insight?
    Click on “Browse video”, it’s the first one.

  15. Carlos Sandoval says:

    if you place an object in front of a glow object the glow will dissapear unless you make´╗┐ 2 renders with alphas to composite together in video program. i dont know what your trying to do. you can uncheck glow behind option to make the glow pass through all objects you render.

  16. Bernice D'vyne says:

    I found your video every helpful, and I think you voice is just fine! Anyway, I am having a small problem. I have these Starship Meshes that I want to add glows to. I tried creating a glow with a sphere for the nacelles, but if I place the sphere behind the model (obscured from view), the glow disappears. I CANNOT just add glows to the parts I want because the mehes are complete and unbreakable. anyidea’s on how to get around this problem. Your help would be very appreciated – Bernice ´╗┐

  17. laura hendriks says:

    this´╗┐ is so awesome ­čśÇ
    Thanx a lot

  18. Dedi Suryadi says:

    Thank’s Brooo´╗┐


    muy buen video, pero a mi me pone borrosa la fisicalcamera, es decir, cuando renderizo el resultado es´╗┐ que se pone la imagen empa├▒ada…quien me da una mano?

  20. Karolis Strazdas says:


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