biped rigging 3ds max tutorial part 1

biped rigging 3ds max tutorial part 1

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17 responses to “biped rigging 3ds max tutorial part 1”

  1. MINH NAM says:


  2. Riebulka Ryzis says:

    Can I remove one finger link, like on Farcry 3 Jason?

  3. Riebulka Ryzis says:


  4. Phu Nguyen says:


  5. Adam Gladysz says:

    thanks a lot. That’s what I was looking for

  6. Derick Wildstar says:

    I have 3D max 9 and need help to learn to move a models arms etc as I have a son who is a HUGE MAJOR fan of the fictional Rebel Alliance fighter pilots:)

  7. Derick Wildstar says:

    This is what I need to do to move the arms head and legs of my models then? I have a number of rebel fighter pilot models etc and do not know how to move the arms etc will this teach me how?

  8. TheEIement115 says:

    I cant find figure mode on my 3ds max 2010 🙁 would you know how i could set up my menu to enable figure mode?

  9. TheEIement115 says:

    i got 3ds max 2010 and i cant find that button to select biped 🙁

  10. hixluver says:

    lol @ the guy who is too dumb to see this is part 1 of the rigging tutorial … then goes and bitches that no rigging happens

  11. AdmiralFerret says:

    I think the idea is that the “Rigging tutorial” he’s doing from start to end, building the “skeleton” is part of rigging a model, the first part actually probably why it’s in part 1 of the whole tutorial.

  12. yogesh r hire says:

    nice bro yhanks

  13. SeriousAlexejSerov says:

    Is that Grand Moff Tarkin? 🙂 

  14. shaowebb says:

    Welp…now I know why everyone in class jumped from Maya to 3DS max without me. They don’t have to think to make bipeds and bones anymore like I do. Time to open my copy of 3DS max and shave off some work and hierarchy edit time periods I would have gone through in maya.

  15. Pierre Sun Zhao says:

    Thanks for the turtorial. It’s helping me out on my school assignemnt. Btw, may you say “I’m the Juggernaut, b*tch!” 😀

  16. BestGamesProductions says:

    hope this helped too 🙂

  17. BestGamesProductions says:

    some versions of 3ds max cant scale the bones. and if u use edit poly, u can change the form too. so edit poly is better 🙂

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