Excel 2007 Tutorial 4: Basic Spreadsheet #2

Excel 2007 Tutorial 4:  Basic Spreadsheet #2

Excel 2007 Tutorial 4: Basic Spreadsheet #2. Basic spreadsheet with formulas.

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19 responses to “Excel 2007 Tutorial 4: Basic Spreadsheet #2”

  1. derwap says:

    IMMA DO THE SAME! hahah

  2. hareth alsaadi says:

    u make things complicated

  3. paky91EMOD says:

    Isn’t there a simpler formula like average? it would be like “=average(B2:E2)”
    I was pretty much confused when I saw this tutorial, but good job, tut’s are great!

  4. 10minutetrain says:

    If you send me the spreadsheet and let me know what cell the error is in I can take a look at it. Please email it to me. Youtube won’t let me type my email or website here but just go to the Contact Us tab on the website. You can go to my Youtube channel page to get my site address or just search for 10minutetrain. Thanks

  5. Anahit Melqonyan says:

    I have a problem with the formulas, when I type the formula in the cell, such window appears “the formula you typed contains an error”. I checked the formula several times, and saw that I had typed correctly.
    The number format on the format cells is on General, the calculation options is on automatic, but it doesn’t work anyway. Would you help me, please!!! What can be this from?

  6. alimaddy1 says:

    Thank You so very much its so easy and awesome tutorial……..i liked all videos and found them so easy to understand

  7. 10minutetrain says:

    The simplest solution is to format the cell to be a number with no decimal places and it will automatically round up or down.

  8. TheWaxlife says:

    can the final score be made to be rounded to the nearest whole number?

  9. Marko Petrovic says:

    For $ to freez something, you can select that, and than press F4

  10. Marko Petrovic says:

    fx have formula average , it’s gonna do the same thing, and much more faster! 🙂
    P.s Bravo, you are amazing! 🙂

  11. diorka baksh says:

    YOU Are awesome love your teaching ! you make things extremely easy to understand. Thank You so so so much

  12. kiran thakur says:


  13. Mr4bsfun says:

    He had three test and a final test, at first that is four test divided 100% into four = .25. He later changed it so that he gave a higher importance to the final. So that is = 100% He rated the first three test 20%which =60% and the final he gave 40%

  14. Mr4bsfun says:

    Excel will change the corresponding cell addres when you auto fill. If you want Excel to keep the same cell addres you put a dollar bill in front of the character.The dollar bill signs in front of a character makes it an “absolute” meaning it freezes that column or row.

  15. 82moneygirl says:

    How did you know to use the dollar sign to make it constant? Is there a list of symbols to use for various commands?

  16. amituofopureland says:

    the dollar sign $ actually same as number 4 in the keyboard.

  17. nekrataal7 says:

    Make sure to save the notepad so that it has a “.csv” extension or right-click the notepad file and rename the extension from “.txt” to “.csv”
    Then you right-click that notepad file (now in .csv format) and open with excel. Alternately, you can open excel first and open the csv file from there, but I think the former method is faster.

    As for the “.25” value, that was just an arbitrary percentage for Rick’s example. That number can be anything you want it to be. Hope this helps.

  18. nekrataal7 says:

    The dollar sign ($) was used in the formula to keep the weighted percentages constant (i.e. the same) as he drags the box down to apply formula on the other rows. I don’t know the actual name for this function (is it the global function?). It’s important to note that he put a $ sign in front of the letter AND number (i.e. $B$2) so that the excel program knows to keep applying that cell when dragging the formula down. Hope this makes sense.

  19. Abbas Alasgarov says:

    Thanks man, but I cant find the next clip.

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