XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 16 – Intro to CSS

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 16 - Intro to CSS

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13 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 16 – Intro to CSS”

  1. kahrytan says:

    To be efficient, your entire style should be in css file. No styling should be in html. This better so later, you don’t have to come back to change the look. Just open css file.

  2. Albionsaint says:

    for basic websites you should just use inline styles OR css in the style tag inside the head tag.

  3. Albionsaint says:


  4. JmaesN says:

    Can someone direct me to a website with a list of all the CSS properties that can be changed?

  5. The1453cCc says:

    you can also choose to do that.

  6. Vio SVio says:

    Bucky, if i may, with all respect for everyone else that shows us free tutorials, you, my friend, are the BEST online teacher that i;ve ever had the luck to found.it;s like u;re right here, next to me, and you;re showing on my pc as i follow along.whatever you do, pls don;t stop and if u find the time, add as much tuts about anything that is related to this topic.Thanks a lot!!!!

  7. nipuni malsara says:

    thank u

  8. zubieta says:

    My first experience with TNB was with Travis’ Android Videos. So I started with these videos and noticed your voice was so different.. but now my brain is making me think the voices sound increasingly alike!

  9. Jose Tobar says:

    o.o I’d be down with that if he made thenewbOSton lol it’d be cool because it’d be in the tutorials and you’d make each step and eventually when it runs it’s his os but you’d make but that would take forever so…yeah…

  10. LynxFloodz says:

    You make different tags. etc

    then assign the p tag wherever

  11. DutchTDK says:

    he needs to watch it on school

  12. LinuX1551 says:

    Then you’re going to use classes, and give a class to your paragraphs and just use ur style for a single class

  13. pineappleking73000 says:

    Ur lying dumbass

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