After Effects Getting Started 1 – Quick Tutorials (CS5.5, HD)

After Effects Getting Started 1 - Quick Tutorials (CS5.5, HD)

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14 responses to “After Effects Getting Started 1 – Quick Tutorials (CS5.5, HD)”

  1. Joshua D Bates says:

    @Chapelpants if the original video had audio, you probably just shut it off in after effects. Find the switch that shuts each LAYER (video layer, etc) off and beside it there should be an audio switch. Look near the beginning of timeline, bottom left corner of the screen. Good luck!

  2. RandomPojkarna says:

    That subscribe thing at the top was so annoying but thank’s anyway 🙂

  3. John Lawrence Saddi says:

    I just bought my laptop! and downloaded a lot of Stuffs for Editing!! i really need to learn this one! can u make a Playlist from from basic tutorials and so on please!! Subscribed btw :)

  4. LEEITANAGAR says:

    very helpful… thanks…

  5. Joshua D Bates says:

    Haha thanks charlo

  6. Charlo Basilio says:

    Putting Subscribe button at the top so we will not see the BANDICAM word
    That was cool bro hahaha xD

  7. DJ Kawon says:

    Thanks man! but when i start after effects it doesn’t look like that! it just shows some “renter que” and when i holding the mouse over “files” i can’t click on new or open and all that! I would be thankful if someone told me what I’am doin wrong?

  8. Loga muthu krishnan says:

    Thanx a lot!

  9. OriginalDopzy says:

    🙂 I can start my computer and go to menu where I change setup and stuff, but after that its just a black screen and “no bootlade device”.. my own fault, just tried it without checking if it was safe and stuff.. IDK what to do, but il do ANYTHING to get my files back, I guess their gone, but if im lucky its the PC and settings and not the driver.. 😛

  10. Joshua D Bates says:

    I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you did. Note that now there’s a new version of which I’m not using released so I can’t recommend it any longer. If you can even load your computer up, I’d do a system restore. You may have gotten a virus as there seem to be a lot surrounding this type of thing.

  11. OriginalDopzy says:

    it worked in 1 day and then everything fucked up! eyy

  12. OriginalDopzy says:

    OMFG i downloaded it…. what happend to my computer? NO BOOT DEVICE FOUND and my hard disc doesnt “exsist”.. I dont know how to fix it :'(

  13. OriginalDopzy says:

    hod u do that ? where to download? nice vid btw <3

  14. daryl van der Merwe says:


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