Removing/Extracting Backgrounds – Photoshop Tutorial

Removing/Extracting Backgrounds - Photoshop Tutorial

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17 responses to “Removing/Extracting Backgrounds – Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Nikolac Lidija says:

    Love it, thank youuuuuuu

  2. ThePsychStudios says:

    Make sure you have the mask selected and not the actual photo. If you don’t have the mask selected over in the layers window, it will just paint white over everything because you are not altering the mask. Thanks for watching. 🙂

  3. Jeff Banzuela says:

    Need help with the part on with the new layer mask, from 6:30 onwards, I was able to do everything picked the soft brush but instead of bringing the hair back, it just draws a white fat line T_T, how come your’s makes the hair come back? Tnx

  4. charliehrse650 says:

    Looks nass.

  5. rey2boy says:

    wow…tnx sir.. nice tutorial. now i get it..thank u so much.

  6. Marvipan says:

    Tony……you are a hero! I’m a complete novice with PS. All I need it for really is cropping images and pasting them onto other backgrounds. This was absolutely perfect!!!! Thank you so much for putting this video up : )

  7. mahrruu says:

    hi…plz check out my channel i also do photoshop tutorial…i also do other things

    channel name: known2utube


  8. CrowsNestPlainsDream says:

    he ctrl, z to undue and ctrl alt z together to take more then one undue.

  9. mahrruu says:

    Hi liked this video, very interesting. I really enjoy what I do in my videos but I want people to check out my skills and also want get sum feedback from them. So far I have done videos on 3 different categories COD, PHOTOSHOP and RUNESCAPE .There will also be more videos on random stuff like DIY’s and so on hope to see more viewer my channel ‘known2utube’
    Hope u all enjoy don’t forget to check it out…ill appreciate it

  10. 2009TwinMommy says:

    Great tutorial! Very helpful!

  11. TayTrends says:

    Love your voice <3

  12. nayzaknajm says:

    Great video! Very helpful!

  13. Laura Triplerainbow says:

    your voice sound like tobey maguire

  14. Blackfirefrank1 says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I have been using Photoshop for years since college and I never knew that. Thanks for the great tip.

  15. ghetto mobfam says:

    Thankssss alot nice video

  16. Stan ley says:

    This was very well explained and easy to follow, thanks pal.

  17. Jeff Anderson says:

    Needed this for some Images that I will be making thanks mate!

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