Adobe After Effects CS6 Save as .GIF Tutorial By PinkPiggie

Adobe After Effects CS6 Save as .GIF Tutorial By PinkPiggie

Windows 7 Adobe After Effects save using photoshop as .GIF by PinkPiggie.
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11 responses to “Adobe After Effects CS6 Save as .GIF Tutorial By PinkPiggie”

  1. Mirceabogdanstanciu says:

    make sure you are exporting to an valid location

  2. Gökmen Anıl Yılmaz says:

    When i was saving my project, there was a problem. It says:
    “Could not compleate this operation. An unknown problem has occured.”
    How can i solve this?

  3. barrybartist says:

    Really appreciate this video. I was frustrated by Adobe’s terrible guide, but your video explained it perfectly. Thanks!

  4. Narek Haytyan says:

    Thanks a lot dude, this saved a couple of hours for me to search on the net

  5. TechnoFreak552 says:

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  6. CommissarCain9 says:

    This isn’t really exporting after effects to GIF. This exports a movie, and then you convert the movie to a gif.

  7. RecordProductionHQ says:

    thank you

  8. 10yearstime says:

    cheers dude

  9. pwnagecranks says:

    thx man you helped out a fucking lot don’t know why adobe took it out of after effects

  10. RetroArtsStudios says:

    awesome! cheers

  11. AgentMcQueen says:

    So awesome, cheers mate!

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