WordPress 3.0 Custom Menus Tutorial

WordPress 3.0 Custom Menus Tutorial

Walk through of the new WordPress 3.0 custom menu options.
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18 responses to “WordPress 3.0 Custom Menus Tutorial”

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  3. 10335086 says:

    You can change the font size. You’ll need to go to Appearance > Editor > style.css

  4. ajraposa1 says:

    New to WP here. So i cant change the font size of the default font of the theme im using without this plug in? Anyone?

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  14. rickysmith2007 says:

    How do you take a page OFF of the custom menu? .Thankyou!.ePremiumThemes[.]blogspot[.]com

  15. ihateaccountant says:

    Thanks, thats really helpful.

  16. gofirjet says:

    Great tutorial! Thank you!

  17. gofirjet says:

    Great tutorial! Thank you!

  18. gofirjet says:

    Great tutorial! Thank you!

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