HTML Tutorial #1: Notepad++, HTML, Tags, Headers, Paragraph, and Break

HTML Tutorial #1:  Notepad++, HTML, Tags, Headers, Paragraph, and Break

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16 responses to “HTML Tutorial #1: Notepad++, HTML, Tags, Headers, Paragraph, and Break”

  1. Pianoman0488 says:

    glad to have helped!

  2. Matsune Lee says:

    This helped me pass business :D.

  3. Audrey Battle says:

    Very Helpful…I like the simplicity of how you explain things. I definitely subscribed…and will look for your other videos. Thanks!

  4. Pianoman0488 says:

    I am not familiar with a plugin that does this, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one…

  5. Pianoman0488 says:

    You practically answered your own question there…whatever the file’s purpose is – that’s the extension it should have…

  6. Pianoman0488 says:

    thanks for watching!

  7. Pianoman0488 says:

    Gracias 🙂

  8. Pianoman0488 says:

    just hit tab

  9. Pro96Gaming says:

    how do you get the “head” tabbed out?, are you just clicking tab or are you chosen some options? or is it simply a plugin? please help :s

  10. cleiton silva says:

    Muito bom amigo! valeu pelo tutoriaal!!  abç 😀

  11. Serin Black says:

    i did put in the symbols around it as displayed. youtube does not seem to let me post it here.

  12. Serin Black says:

    hi, My issue is from the start when i type out HTML and press enter figuring i am done with that line. I do not see a tab for line 2 as you see in this video. It just goes to the next line. So it makes me feel like i am wrong already. I’m using 6.3 .. So yes.. help! heh

  13. SSDragon19 says:

    im new to all of this programming. how do you know what file type to save something as. i know for html you save as hyper text markup (html) but theres a ton more file types tos save things as. how can i find out what type of file to save as what type when doing things in notepad++

  14. RVproductions1100 says:

    when you break paragraphs, titles, or headings the break can be on the same line as the rest of the text. But thats just how i do it, because it takes up less lines and makes it easier to read when checking it.

  15. Michael O Rourke says:

    This is good for writing html. it will turn red if your code is wrong. google contexteditor

  16. JHayler7 says:

    Thanks im hoping to learn web design so this helped a lot . One question if i have messed up a line of code in notepad ++ but i have like thousands of lines of code how do i know which line is wrong . Does notepad automatically tell me or this there a plugin of some sort .

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