Adobe After Effects 25 Minute Advanced Cloning Tutorial

Adobe After Effects 25 Minute Advanced Cloning Tutorial Check my tutorial trailer on my channel! My twitter After Effects- 25 minute Advanced…
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19 responses to “Adobe After Effects 25 Minute Advanced Cloning Tutorial”

  1. happyfoxproductions says:

    New clone video guys!

  2. CrazyJoshCravy says:

    You did WAY more work than necessary, just use the brush tool in after
    effects and a bit of touch ups

  3. el Tru Tru says:

    can i get a copy of the software frm u

  4. JazRodTv says:

    Niceee! I failed my Drivers Class for that SAME REASON!!
    After a week of waiting to retake, I had the same person. And when I got to
    that stop sign, I stood there. JUST LOOKING AT HIM!, for 10 seconds.
    I know he got the message! 

  5. aupaysdesmangas says:

    So amazing thank you very very much, I see you video when it is finish, it
    is really amazing !!

  6. AlexDStudios says:


  7. Mohamed Abdelkarim says:

    i was thinking of making a short clone film(about 20 to 30 min), i wanted
    to take the shots first and then do the after effects stuff later (when i
    am free), so what advice would you give because i don’t want to make any
    mistake in taking the shots because i am not going again to the places
    where the shots will be taken at. it will be very appreciated if you can
    give me some advices thank you 😀

  8. Mohamed Abdelkarim says:

    k thank you. and please write something about the camera movement if doing
    cloning as well 😀

  9. happyfoxproductions says:

    Canon EOS T2i, but I’m trying to upgrade 🙂

  10. funnymoney678 says:

    Thank you sir! awesome tutorial

  11. happyfoxproductions says:

    My goal is to be a feature film director. While I’m younger I decided I
    wanted to do video as a business because who wouldn’t want to do what they
    love and not make a profit from it? That allows me to buy more equipment,
    ect. Ive been doing video and editing for six years and that’s the only
    thing I do so I decided once I have a high enough skill level I can start
    doing freelance and having clients put their video ideas in my hands. 🙂

  12. Wilfredo Cruz says:

    i have question man. how did you get into video editing and directing short
    films? and what motivated you to do more and more until finally realizing
    you wanted to do this for a business?

  13. Leonardo Oliveira says:

    great job man, im just starting on after effects and it helps a lot, keep
    up the great job, if you could check out my channel, there are some good
    sttuf, im a subscriber. peace

  14. Keith Devaughn says:

    Wow. U can make a movie from scratch yet I can pass a driving test first
    time easy but u have trouble wit that and I for damn can’t do what u do
    with a camera.

  15. happyfoxproductions says:

    Well… I guess it doesn’t matter now I have my license lol!

  16. Sharjeel Ahmed says:

    This Guys Deserves More Subscribers!

  17. Adrian Lipiński says:

    awesome ! ^^

  18. happyfoxproductions says:

    It’s not a stupid question. 🙂 That’s what I did, the clone with the gun is
    the clone that I rotoscoped using AEs rotobrush. Rotoing by hand would have
    taken so much longer. 🙂

  19. happyfoxproductions says:

    My first tutorial! (In a somewhat serious but not so serious tone if you
    know what I mean)

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