Photoshop CS5 – Cartoon Vector Effect – Tutorial *REQUEST*

Photoshop CS5 - Cartoon Vector Effect - Tutorial *REQUEST* – FREE Photoshop Brushes In this tutorial you will be learning how to create a cartoon vector in Photoshop. Easy to follow ✓ High D…

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17 responses to “Photoshop CS5 – Cartoon Vector Effect – Tutorial *REQUEST*”

  1. TROLLBANKIE says:


  2. Edson T.sProd says:

    can u make me one ?

  3. desy hughes says:

    use splatter brush and then clipping mask from copy of original pic there is plenty of tuts out there for thast kind of thing message me anyone wanting to know more 😀

  4. kingma1ne says:

    lmaooooooooooooooooooo U got me rollin !! soon as I did that , I read your comment!!!

  5. abetcm31 says:

    thank very much!!

  6. Lutendo Netshivhale says:

    Wow thanx man Your tutorial makes things simple and easy,I Like it, very helpful!!!!!!!!

  7. Ejeck Alamani says:

    i like your desktop background.. how do you do that?..

  8. öOuSsäMä CràzY bOööOy says:

    thx 🙂

  9. Mohan Kumar says:

    thanks sir…more choices wnat’

  10. kevin jeet Singh says:

    very nice and easy way… thank u soo much.. but after this if we merge the layers nd blur them i looks better

  11. Jeff Moreno says:

    ulol ka tanga

  12. buddyroach says:

    now he looks white.

  13. Ischesmann says:

    looks like The Walking Dead (the Game)

  14. peet tabetha says:

    jeez… use some non destructive methods, smart filters, masks etc…

  15. Omor Savior says:

    is to do this in photoshop cs6 ?Where do I find this option in photoshop cs6 ?

  16. TurRBzkie Viola says:

    ul0l ka uling…

  17. Rae Neidert says:

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