Slicing and Exporting your design – Fireworks Tutorial Part 1

Slicing and Exporting your design - Fireworks Tutorial Part 1

In this tutorial, I will show you how to slice your design and export that into html document. I will show you, how to make changes to your export files in t…
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9 responses to “Slicing and Exporting your design – Fireworks Tutorial Part 1”

  1. Paul Lance says:

    Part 2 is hopefully coming… I have learned so much from this guy and his tutorials.

  2. Paul Lance says:

    Do you have to export as CSS in order to get the text boxes to appear as text instead of as images? When they’re sliced and appear as images it’s impossible to optimize your page (and thus your site) for search engines. That’s the biggest drawback I find to creating pages this way in Fireworks.

  3. bu ALI says:

    where is part 2

  4. 5mintuts says:

    First tutorial is for beginners mate. I was going to show to export text using CSS.

  5. 5mintuts says:

    No I just did that quickly to show to convert everything to html and images.
    there is a way to export it as a text aswell.

    I was going to show that on the second part.

  6. wolf gee says:

    he basically sliced the whole page up into images and let the program re interlace them. this is NOT how a professional should do their work.

  7. sebastiansz says:

    The text boxes got exported as an image? or as text so I can select the text, copy etc.?

  8. Rahul Rajput says:


  9. 5mintuts says:

    This one is html only but you can export css and html aswell. Just change the setting when you export the files.

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