CSS Tutorial 2: Options and Equipment

CSS Tutorial 2: Options and Equipment

Second tutorial of this tutorial series, where I explain how to set up your options for success, and talk a bit about what stuff to buy.

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13 responses to “CSS Tutorial 2: Options and Equipment”

  1. MeSoAwesomeify says:

    Uhm? do not buy a MS keyboard… Why? and you used one in the next video?

  2. Caltelt says:

    but….what is lerp?

  3. interventionsnipe101 says:

    razer naga

  4. MrSynizter says:

    Try going on to steam, Right click on CS:S then press Properties, Set Launch Options and type -console then apply and start it. It should work.

  5. Mirza Sergiu says:

    I can’t believe you called the raw input option a silly option…All the pros use raw input..:|

  6. NokeSmehh says:

    microsoft sidewinder 4x

  7. MrEmil20 says:

    Logitech g700!

  8. mmatija61 says:

    I have A4tech x7 gaming mouse.It’s awesome :D

  9. A Dog in a Dog Suit says:

    logitech G400 is also a good option

  10. TKOCakeMuscles says:

    i like ur intro

  11. FarikoSpirit says:


  12. FarikoSpirit says:

    i use a razer nostromo , ease and small , fuck yeah !

  13. xrxt0 says:

    would razer headphones do?

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