Dreamweaver Tutorial – Part Eight – Placing a Facebook Feed On Our Website

Dreamweaver Tutorial - Part Eight - Placing a Facebook Feed On Our Website

In part eight of this series, we add a Facebook feed to our website. We change the appearance setting of the feed to make it suit our sites theme and color s…
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15 responses to “Dreamweaver Tutorial – Part Eight – Placing a Facebook Feed On Our Website”

  1. Sligo Web Solutions says:

    @radencuic peter bogdan. Glad I could help.

  2. Jon Marietta says:

    Did not work in adobe dreamweaver cs5…….definately not that simple.

  3. radenciuc peter bogdan says:

    Hey, I`m using the DW CC, the newest version of it, just got updated and
    this tutorial got me on the right way to adding more stuff to my webpage.
    Thanks man!

  4. Clara Barry says:

    Thanks lads good tutorial definitely came in handy!!

  5. Sligo Web Solutions says:

    Hi Kevin. Are you building the site on a live server or on a local server?
    Also, if your rendering the site through Dreamweaver, the Facebook feed may
    not display. Hope this helps

  6. Rayquon Elliott says:

    went to the likebox section but there seem to be less areas to set e.g.
    border color doesn’t show up for me to set. How do i fix this manually?

  7. Walter White says:


  8. Kevin Lorimer says:

    Just testing it in a browser, not online. I take it that it needs to be
    online in order to see it?

  9. Steve Wingate says:

    Many thanks for such a clear explanation of how to place a facebook feed
    onto a website. I don’t use Dreamweaver but it still applies to the
    software I use to build sites, namely Microsoft’s Expression Web 4, which
    is now free though no further versions will be available, but it is a good
    way to learn HTML for the technically minded

  10. Sligo Web Solutions says:

    Hi Neshamah. I would advise you to create a separate DIV for each feed you
    are trying to add. Set them to the exact width and height of each of the
    widgets you wish to use and position them accordingly by creating a CSS
    rule for each. What you can do then is give each DIV a z-index value of 50.
    This will ensure that the DIV’s stay above any background images, e.g.:
    z-index: 50; I hope this answers your question.

  11. Sligo Web Solutions says:

    Thanks Steve. You are 100% right. The building blocks are the same. I’m
    glad you found the video useful.

  12. Sligo Web Solutions says:

    No problem Kevin.

  13. Sligo Web Solutions says:

    To do this, just create a div around the Likebox and give it an id of
    “fb_plugin”. Then create a style rule for it, eg: .fb_plugin {border: 1px
    solid #e9e9e9;}

  14. Rayquon Elliott says:

    thanks much

  15. Kevin Lorimer says:

    Thank you so much.

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