PHP Tutorials – Dynamic HTML Web pages using PHP part 1

PHP Tutorials - Dynamic HTML Web pages using PHP part 1

In this tutorial, I code the basic web page involved in making the dynamic website. It is always best to make the HTML page first and then later decide which…
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15 responses to “PHP Tutorials – Dynamic HTML Web pages using PHP part 1”

  1. kaesar jude ballesteros says:

    sir how can i put an search bar center in mainbody?????

  2. aaditya khadka says:


  3. Haikal Hanafi says:

    how to create the image at the side of the page?
    edit in css? or create in each pages file?

  4. KingArthur13th says:

    You can use Wamp Server for Windows.

  5. 6NoHope9 says:

    To write the code? anything is fine to write the code, Notepad and TextEdit will work.
    On Windows I recommend notepad++, on Mac OS I recommend TextWrangler.
    To run the code and test it? I’m not sure for Windows, but on Mac I use XAMPP with Apache. Use Google, you will find answers to your question on Google.

  6. Saikat Samadder says:

    which software I need to make webpages in PHP?

  7. dashbyictfd says:

    I have the DB, I have the connection, content pages load into index.php but only get 1 record which is same record for all pages. I had static site working loading dynamic meta/title info from DB but the methods used do not work with this dynamic site.

  8. UKDev1 says:

    store the meta in mysql and in your php page echo that stored from your mysql.. simples.

  9. dashbyictfd says:

    How would you build dynamic meta & title into this from mysql? I know a lot of meta is now redundant as far as google but other smaller search engines still use it. Maybe a possibility of quick tutorial?

  10. David Thorne says:

    Hi David – sorry to semi-hijack but find it hilarious that I now know 3 David Thorne’s (Well Thorn in your case) who are in IT as web devs! Nice tutorial by the way I decided I had to watch it as I keep getting help requests from people thinking I am you.

  11. Arun Khanna says:

    nice video

  12. Pincloni says:

    Lade deine Videos jetzt auf hoch ! Bekomme so mehr Erfolg und mehr Klicks !

  13. i am pinguisweb says:

    Thanks David,
    I learned as much in 5 minutes as i did yesterday,
    simple and easy to understand,
    and no bad uncomfortable jokes

  14. Rajib Islam says:

    great job……:) very usefull video

  15. GertPants says:

    changed my life

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