After Effects Tutorial: CC Lens Explosion

After Effects Tutorial: CC Lens Explosion

Pretty simple tutorial, its been done in most montages nowadays when you want to emphasize a shot or kill. Make two layers, the one on top with the cc lens a…

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22 responses to “After Effects Tutorial: CC Lens Explosion”

  1. Mustafa GameR says:

    lol ur right wtf…

  2. Hozkr Mejia says:

    Nice tut bro

  3. Toxicz32 says:

    No, no, no, no, NO! Its WASSUP GUUUUYS, BAKER HEEERE

  4. sddfs777 says:

    1:49 That circle looks like a creepy face xD

  5. WaRxRePLaYzZ says:

    What’s your second channel

  6. burningorder101 says:

    2st……2st….anything out of the ordinary xD lol jk messin with ya

  7. ReignsHD says:

    Tutorials coming on my channel soon! Just had a go at the cc lens explosion, only video up now but please leave some feedback on it! 😀

  8. RetroStockFootage says:


    Thanks for uploading!




  9. MrFazzs says:

    it’s only in CS6

  10. DesignSout says:

    Bakér i fucking love you! Without you my designs would be shit! Srry for my language 😉

  11. xTheRichard says:

    @Baker when I keyframe the size to 500 the lens only reaches the outer edges width wise. Any ideas? Like if you have the same problem so he can see.

  12. ohYzeeh says:

    I don’t have “CC Lens” in CS5?

  13. OrBiTxTurTle says:

    i just did it and it worked thanks baker u helped me a lot

  14. carl nilsson says:

    did you have 2st cclens??

  15. imZMB says:

    i learned this beafore i watched this video ;D

  16. O2Edits says:

    Dude Your You Telling The Be editor to improve His Tuts Man u have Ballz

  17. TehDrummerSam says:


  18. IEditThis says:

    Did you copy and paste the clip, and put the cclens on the top one?

  19. ImTrevelle says:

    You deserve a medal for keeping your composure.

  20. DiZz Clan says:

    i Do the same like you
    but wenn i put the cc lens in
    the lens is there but at the background its black ??

  21. MiGZEditsHD says:

    Heh heh this was the “effect” everyone just loved 🙂

  22. TheRealMaven says:

    how do you do that like pre-watch render thing?

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