Photoshop: How to Make a POLAROID PHOTO Montage of 1 Image.

Photoshop: How to Make a POLAROID PHOTO Montage of 1 Image.

Photoshop CS6 tutorial showing how to make a perfectly aligned Polaroid photo montage of one image. This tut also shows how to make a seamless wallpaper patt…

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13 responses to “Photoshop: How to Make a POLAROID PHOTO Montage of 1 Image.”

  1. newday2250 says:

    thanks for this good video

  2. Armando Aparicio says:

    Im having issues on proceeding with the video, i cant seem to get he quick selection tool to work on layer while holding down Ctrl + clicking on layer any suggestions?

  3. Alexander Acelajado says:

    Amazing and that makes me subs to u sir :))

  4. ramez galal says:

    Get photoshop cc here goo.glPWxtu

  5. bluelightningtv says:

    GameLINEEE…Camtasia Studio.

  6. GameLINEEE says:

    one more thing where do you edit your voice ?? like reducing the noise

  7. bluelightningtv says:

    GameLINEEE…Koss CS-95.

  8. GameLINEEE says:

    This tutorial is the clearest i’ve ever listened what is your mic?

  9. MrDevilbiss99 says:

    like it! thanks Marthy!

  10. Tiffany Franklin says:

    Bluelightningtv, I have tried this tutorial twice and for some reason I cannot get the selection to work by clicking the layer 3 copy while pressing command. Nothing selects and I can’t finish the tutorial. Please help!

  11. Maartje Hendriks says:

    your tutorials are amasing!! Now i can a much more than first!!! (BTW i liked al your video’s and i subscribed) YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ro asa says:

    you are the man.yes you are da man!

  13. 99zelly says:

    best video ever for me in making polaroid photo montage. 🙂 I love you marty lol

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