Turn a Photograph Into A Drawing | Photoshop CS5 Tutorial

Turn a Photograph Into A Drawing | Photoshop CS5 Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to learn how to very easily turn nearly any photograph into a hand-drawn picture!! If you enjoyed the tutorial, please like and comment! …
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22 responses to “Turn a Photograph Into A Drawing | Photoshop CS5 Tutorial”

  1. zorokatana1 says:

    go to filter -> Filter gallery -> stylize -> glowing edges
    your welcome ^^

  2. saad alhamdan says:


    ^ Tutorial

  3. Adobechick says:

    Sweet action 😀 Mine in CS6 hung up on Move (Detail layer), and on the Filter Gallery. “Not available”, iirc. Deleted those those, replaced with ‘Insert Menu Item’ from the Actions panel flyout menu. The Move command is Layer->Arrange->Bring to Front and the Filter Gallery path is all over these comments 🙂 Now the FG pauses & lets me move the sliders for an effect tailored to the image, and the action continues when I hit Return or click Ok. Thanks again!

  4. Adobechick says:

    Filter ➠ Filter Gallery ➠ Stylize ➧ Glowing Edges

  5. 5teller says:

    You’re a Genius! God Bless You my friend

  6. 5teller says:

    For CS6 Go to:

    – Filter
    – Filter Gallery… ( Top of “Adaptive Wide Angle…” option)
    – Stylize
    – Glowing Edges

    :) Good luck

  7. SriLankanCuber says:

    1.go to filter
    2.then go to filter gallery
    3.select stylize
    4.click glowing edges!

    That’s it!

  8. Dj trinidad says:

    OMG ! this is the best drawing technique ever ! Thank you so much !

  9. Julia Ziskin says:

    Truly extremley amazing and exciting.do you have any more tutorials which include the” push one button effect” i mean showing us how to create somthing and record the actions.
    yours is the first iv found .thanks

  10. Vam The WarLock says:

    Nice Editing….

    I just started out as Vam The WarLock and hopefully I get more subscribers and views 🙂

    So Subscribe

  11. TheDietwawa says:

    You should be able to put a glow on the edges by double clicking a layer icon and selecting outer glow.

  12. jason zelda says:

    Excellent tutorial, in less than 15 minutes, with little Photoshop experience, I was able to make a photo into a drawing. That is awesome! You are the king..Rule On !!!

  13. AyrBlues says:

    Thank you fine sir……I meant…..;o]

  14. AyrBlues says:

    Than you fine sir……

  15. михаил николов says:

    The glowing edges filter can be found under Filter> Filters Gallery> Stylize> Glowing Edges

  16. RR335is says:


  17. RR335is says:

    Fantastic, thank you!

  18. ChChCheckItsClan says:

    Hi Abel! I’d love to help you out. Would you please send me an email? I’ll put my email address in the description.

  19. Abel Mounir says:

    Hi there, if I email you 4 or 5 pix would you please turn them to drawing. I am happy to pay for the work. I do not have photoshop C5 and I feel it is too much money to buy the sofware just to do 5 or 6 pictures. Thanks, Abel.

  20. Konstantinos Katsanos says:

    Filter…filter gallery and u will find it…

  21. Konstantinos Katsanos says:

    Filter…filter gallery and u will find it…

  22. Mitchell Baar says:

    no glowing edges

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