3ds Max Tutorial – Robot part 2

3ds Max Tutorial - Robot part 2

Making mad levels of detail using tools and stuff.
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8 responses to “3ds Max Tutorial – Robot part 2”

  1. Fricetix says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t found this channel earlier! You’re funny and awesome 😀

  2. bushai1 says:

    wait, that robots based off one of the charicters from metal arms: Glitch in the system…
    YOUDA MAN! + 1 SUB

  3. Ludo Vicu says:

    nice job. can it be animated by 3d max? did you ?

  4. MultiPMAS says:

    how to create the item/tools in foot?please give me the tutorial about this….

  5. Kyle Schreur says:

    i love you. please ask why.

  6. Razvan Dragu says:

    I’m gonna sound like a geek, but I loce the Han Solo “I don’t care” attitude ! It makes me laugh while learning ! Good job mate !

  7. LCxCZ says:

    You can Ctrl+Backspace those edges, then the verts are deleted too.

  8. Max Grand says:

    why is justin bieber everywhere!? GOSH.. anyways.. cool “gay robot” dude… im just gettin started with my 3ds max, and your vids are a great help!

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