Lightroom 3 Tutorial – Editing a RAW file

Lightroom 3 Tutorial - Editing a RAW file Wow are you in for a treat. The video below will take you on a journey form start to finish of fully tweaking a RAW file from a D3X…

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22 responses to “Lightroom 3 Tutorial – Editing a RAW file”

  1. Isaac Qureshi says:

    dry humour is great

  2. Matt R says:

    Do you use a drawing pad thing? I just purchased an intuos wacom small
    tablet and it has already made my editing like 7000234785203497850298 times
    faster and more accurate. I wouldn’t mind seeing a video on one of them

  3. Jordan Gonzalez says:

    you have the most monotone voice ever

  4. shane ramoutar says:

    @paiverde download the update from adobe, i had to do the same

  5. Alexander Stancovschi says:

    Hy can anyone tell me why I cant open a RAW file with LR ? the pic was
    taken with my nikon D3100 .. and it sayes it doesnt recognise the file and
    cant open it .. TY

  6. Silverline Productions says:

    Try updating your picture codecs.

  7. djstefmusic says:

    @nerdsneedmoney (semi)proffesional photo cameras

  8. MrJreinertsen says:

    @asa31191 he sounds like rogen periodically throughout the tutorial

  9. TheChill0ut says:

    i tried Adobe Lightroom…but then i found Raw Therapee and Gimp 😀

  10. darkvertigo says:

    Great vid, very helpful! Thanks 🙂

  11. sheaster333 says:

    Awesome video, so helpful. I just purchased lightroom, and this was a great
    intro video to get me going! Keep up the good work!!

  12. FactoriSkateboards says:

    the first image was very shity if it was a 11,000 dolar cam (aprox..)

  13. Sara Reese says:

    awesome video

  14. Chuckie17 says:

    Great video! That helped me out a lot thanks!

  15. Overether says:

    I wanna make it out to Vegas!

  16. TheJackAuffman says:

    14-24 f2.8?

  17. Kingdom hearts says:

    nice but were can i get a free lightroom software???? i need one.!

  18. nikhil ms says:

    what is the main difference pf ps and lightroom … ??

  19. chetoflep says:

    @Venomous404 Yea, Photoshop does it better but the nice thing about
    Lightroom is that it sets the most commonly used photographer tools into an
    easy to use high workflow interface 🙂

  20. Tike71 says:

    @amulet17 You can import RAW files to LR. If you have one of the newer
    cameras you may need to download the Adobe camera raw update in order for
    LR to open the RAW files.

  21. Raphael Steiner says:

    Great job …since I have the program it’s fun for me to creat special
    pictures !!!

  22. miamiredbird says:

    so is this about editing or the type of camera used ?

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