Artisteer Tutorial WordPress 1/14 Introduction

Artisteer Tutorial WordPress 1/14  Introduction Part 1 of 14 – Artisteer 3 Artisteer 3 is surely the ultimate template maker for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke, Blogger etc….

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7 responses to “Artisteer Tutorial WordPress 1/14 Introduction”

  1. MultimediaSausage says:

    Hi Josh
    All you need to do is select the ‘Article’ menu and then select the ‘A’ icon in the Text Formatting section. From here you can change text colour, font, weighting etc. of the article (Post) content. Hope this helps.

  2. josh ee says:

    Hello Michael, I just started using version 3 artisteer and really enjoy watching these on youtube. As a starter i fail to find out how to change the default text in an article. i can only change the “enter site title” and “slogan” but no other text. Was there a tutorial recorded about that too? Hope i was clear on my question.

  3. MultimediaSausage says:

    Yes, of course, the Undo button or Ctrl+Z (Cmd+Z, Mac). Thanks. Michael 🙂

  4. WeViewTaiwan says:

    Hi Michael, firstly what a great channel you have!!! I’m only just starting my channel and wordpress page so I suspect I’ll be spending a lot of time watching your videos, so thanks in advance!!

    I’m now ready to built my own wordpress template, but the version of Artisteer I’m downloading is not the same as the one you have your tutorial on…I’m downloading Artisteer 4…would this make a significant difference, or should I rather download Artisteer 3?

    Cheers, Anje

  5. marissa360technology says:

    I enjoyed watching your tutorials. The instructions were kept simple. I appreciate that.
    By the way, if you dont like something when you click suggest design or whatever, look up top and click the undo button (the arrow on the left side) that will take you back to the previous change. Thanks again

  6. Valerie Cudnik says:

    My videos are so old they’re almost useless. I love the idea of doing time lapse. I’ll have to watch your videos during my down time (if I ever have any!)

    I’m assuming you’re a WP junkie. Probably have more business than you know what to do with (I know *I* do!)

  7. MultimediaSausage says:

    Hi. I’ve posted the first 10, got another 2 to do on the Artisteer 3 tabs, plus a WordPress upload and perhaps a Time-Lapse video of making a great theme for the last part: 14 of 14. Michael 🙂

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