Lightroom 5 Tutorial: Editing Portrait Session – 3

Lightroom 5 Tutorial: Editing Portrait Session - 3

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6 responses to “Lightroom 5 Tutorial: Editing Portrait Session – 3”

  1. David Iliyn says:


  2. Sacrificial92 says:

    16-35 2.8 i or ii?

  3. MrKitobow says:

    Wow men 

  4. David Iliyn says:

    50/50 toward the cam/couple

  5. DocAmro says:

    were the flashes facing them or the camera?

  6. DocAmro says:

    David, you work is magnificent !

    please make a tutorial on how to shoot a photo like this one
    outdoor night off flash photography like this one exactly 🙂

    i came across your videos by searching yongnuo but i subscribed since the first video i watched

    please do the tutorial and keep the amazingness coming !:)

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