Dreamweaver Tutorial : Pure CSS Drop down menu , Part -2

Dreamweaver Tutorial : Pure CSS Drop down menu , Part -2

http://QualityLessons.net Get back to part 1 : http://youtu.be/iCE2Js3KPRA Mohit Manuja.

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21 responses to “Dreamweaver Tutorial : Pure CSS Drop down menu , Part -2”

  1. extraIQ says:

    First of all, thanks for a great turtorial! So nice of you to tell why, and just not what to do and what not to do.

    I do though have this one problem. I can’t change my font of the text. It changes fine in design-view, but in live-view and preview in Chrome, it’s just the standard boring font.

    I would love you to explain this!

  2. dougieladd says:

    One other thing… get that cough seen to 😉 Keep well.

  3. dougieladd says:

    Very well taught and very thorough tutorial… nice job.

  4. Jon Bryant says:

    excellent video, thank you very much

  5. Steve Miller says:

    Thank you very much!  Very easy to follow

  6. Magn555 says:

    There are lots of tutorials for this, but none of those explain the CSS, what i was looking for, and you explained it very well. Thanks so much for the tutorial, ill try it myself in my page now. Thanks again 🙂

  7. Rocio Margarita says:

    Muchas gracias, me es de mucha utilidad, desde México.

  8. Mohit Manuja says:

    I don’t think it wil stop working it might just go under some div just up the z-index and it will surface up again .

  9. mitz says:

    Hello Mohit, thank you for a great tutorial. I too had the same issue as Ashley Bartel, the drop down list works lovely, but when I place it into my content area, i.e. I have a bodywrap div below it, the drop-down stops working and my bodywrap div doesn’t float to the left.

  10. Thami Carrington says:

    Sir, calling you a legend would be an understatement, Thank you sooo much !

  11. Mads Sørensen says:

    Very good and thorough manual. Unfortunately, I have no great insight into Dreamweaver and would like to use this drop box menu on my website and want to hear about if you kindly tell how I put it into for example a table and it should I do on all sides?
    M. Sorensen

  12. Teo Jun Hao says:

    It works great thanks

  13. inquestFLASH says:

    Great tut mohit! Just one favour, can you add in the description or message me the code& css to this whole part 1 & 2 tuts you did!!!! thank you!

  14. Wildcatbeer says:

    Great Stuff thank you so much!

  15. Nathan Wong says:

    great thanks alot for your two videos great

  16. Manuel Messner says:

    Hi Mr. Manuja,
    i tried your drop down menu on my mobile phone, but the links don`t work. Any idea why?

    Thx and greets

  17. 12409katie says:

    Thanks very much for this terrific video! I modified the width of the div from 608 to auto because the last 2 items were wrapping under the 1st & 2nd. It’s not centered. I can’t remember whether it was centered before I made that change. I hope you can clear this up for me. Thanks in advance 🙂

  18. Keo Kimsong says:

    Thank you very much for your tutorial ……

  19. carismadesigns says:

    hello Mohit Manuja
    i found ur tutorial very helpful in fact i could make my own menu just by following ur steps.. easy to understand and looks just as good as any menu.. thank you very much…

  20. MrEddieBTV says:

    Thank you!

  21. cecisegoviano says:

    I have the same problem ¿how do I link it?

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