Adobe Photoshop Tutorial — Produce Scary Photos!

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial -- Produce Scary Photos!

NEW VERSION: Visit for any questions you may have to ask me. Do not PM me on Youtube, register an account, and post in the ‘Photoshop / Media Work’ Forum. PLEASE VOTE FIVE, IF YOU LIKED IT. I’m looking for more ideas for tutorials.. Please leave recommendations in the comments! — This is a quick tutorial on producing gritty, disgusting photos, which have a Halloween feel to them. If you need any more help, feel free to comment the video, and I’ll try my hardest to give you a detailed response. Constructive criticism would be appreciated. Please check out my other tutorial, “How to create model quality images”
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20 responses to “Adobe Photoshop Tutorial — Produce Scary Photos!”

  1. Blen Miner says:

    very unprofesioanl.

  2. vermillofam says:

    “Ah ba, bu bubayuyuyuya Mike Vallely BAM! what are you doyyugngn”- Don Vito

  3. Iborus says:

    The dude in the picture IS already scary BEFORE photoshop “enhancement”… 😛

  4. SuperPhotoshopTut says:


  5. SuperPhotoshopTut says:


  6. ethancroot says:


  7. MarieAnnFilms says:

    @CooperSnow you clearly had no idea who this was… its a “celebrity” headshot. even tho hes more well known because of a celebrity.

  8. TheBrb3ast says:


  9. redTalonsss says:

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  10. Zynkd says:

    Buddy, it was scary enough at the beginning!

  11. ObsidianJunkie says:

    Hhaa intro ” Hi, I’m unconscious” lol

  12. 11ahmedi says:

    he made queite a lot of mistakes

  13. TheBackloggery says:

    Tha Bam margera Uncle. Don Vito!!! djhfldhsalghjdhahda u crazy bam!

  14. fullincome1 says:

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  15. ekim lonamaga says:

    why not use layer mask???

  16. Gekon455 says:

    0:56 was looking the best

  17. sleeplessscoremore says:

    why is your voice so sinfully boring?

  18. Willie Williams says:


  19. ThaSpiderInternetsho says:

    this was very good!! but damn don vito that loser!???

  20. nargarothfreak666 says:

    WOW check his right eye:P
    that look scary:P

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