iMovie Tutorial (Intermediate): Audio Effects

iMovie Tutorial (Intermediate): Audio Effects iMovie lets you add music, effects, titles, graphics, voice over and transitions to create a polished looking movie in no time. In this i…
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17 responses to “iMovie Tutorial (Intermediate): Audio Effects”

  1. headshotz2weak says:

    Thanks, this is really helpful for noobs like me 😛

  2. Josh Wehrung says:

    Please Help! if i wanted to take a video, and save an image from that video
    as a picture what would i need to do?

  3. Ricardo Mendes says:

    second =)

  4. TheNameIsJordanByers says:

    Do I have to have a mac for this? :B -Feels Dumb.

  5. Couture Coleton says:

    wat if i make a video saying Im back then i wanted to add a effect going

  6. Casetopfloor says:

    thank so much I watched this video then made a music video in imovie,
    posted it ad received 300 hits in a few hours!!!!!! check it out it’s
    called tsunami

  7. Isaac Vicars says:

    I love adding sound effects to my movies with iMovie! It’s awesome! It adds
    so much to the clip.

  8. Adel Alsharie says:

    @ConceptsProject yes

  9. 88Gohawks says:

    Is there a sound effect for a bleep noise like a swear

  10. Mike Janik says:

    I need some help! I’ve recorded some of my own music, and want to add it to
    my video to make a cover. How would I do this? Would I first back up my
    recording and put the end file on my desktop and just drag it in then?

  11. Matthew Carns says:

    first view heck yea! OH and im really new to imovie so this was very helpful

  12. averytiong says:

    hey do u know how to take audio from other videos to put on another? like
    for example a video of mario and then u get another video with mario music
    and then instead of the music on the mario vid u replace the audio with the
    mario music. how do u do that stuff?

  13. DanaDifficult says:

    I’m wondering why my video (imported from my iphone) is stretched when i
    imported it into imovie? I also would like to just plug my iPhone into my
    mac and directly import videos from their, however…when I connect iPhone to
    mac and choose the video camera picture icon, my web cam pops up and it’s
    fliming me! I am looking for my video, not wanting to record myselfon

  14. MrKyleandEvan says:

    do u know how to save imovie projects onto a flashdrive???????

  15. john C. says:

    how can i upload longer than 10 minutes

  16. killroy870 says:

    look up how to make your movie files smaller. Exporting it also helps VIA
    uploading it on youtube not from imovie

  17. savannah. says:

    Hi, i have imovie 11 and by accident i just deleted my project ive been
    working on. Its taking me almost 8 hours to edit. Please help me get it
    back on!

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