C# Basic Tutorial – Part 1

C# Basic Tutorial - Part 1

This is the first part of a series of C# tutorials. Tutorial will show how to create a Hello World application.
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9 responses to “C# Basic Tutorial – Part 1”

  1. bendzgerona says:

    You can name it “Hello Woah!”

  2. Taffy11000 says:

    Cheers mate, great tutorial

  3. joshisdabom100 says:

    Great job with this tutorial! :)

  4. jaradgrant1 says:

    please say “i am hunting rabbits”.

  5. BabyMickers says:

    Great tutorial!

  6. VickyTai94 says:

    this is very good

  7. 58mohit says:

    hey thanks for helping us for free !! ignore that comments..you are fine and thank you again for helping and posting video.

  8. pronetbr says:

    Thank you for this lesson!

  9. RodgertheProgrammer says:

    I love your accent.

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