After Effects Tutorial – Episode 6: About Rendering | by Techrodd

After Effects Tutorial - Episode 6: About Rendering | by Techrodd

This tutorial is about rendering your project in After Effects These tutorials are for beginners who’d like to start editing with After Effects. ————…

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12 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – Episode 6: About Rendering | by Techrodd”

  1. Himanshu Ladia says:

    I mean you are just AWESOME man !! No one just give a reference to a
    competitor and you !! AWESOME man !! I have learnt a lot from you !! Please
    checkout my videos that i have created with your help !! i’ll give you the

  2. Gamíng Uníverse says:

    in your opion

  3. Mansoor Nazeer says:

    brother your tutorials are really very very useful, no words to thank u for
    your effort.. thanks a million…. for you

  4. Techrodd says:

    1 – I don’t really understand this question, do you mean taking a snap shot
    of your composition view or taking a snap shot of the whole after effects
    window? Or do you mean my recording program? 2 – Windows 7 with a third
    party theme (i have a tutorial on that)

  5. KIng Ramoun says:

    1-what software multimedia software did you use to show the snap shot
    outside after effects,please? 2-what kind of windows do you use?

  6. Lyn Lin says:

    Thanks! It’s helpful as always.

  7. FilmKnight says:

    my brother used to play it all the time and it really pissed me off cause I
    wanted to use the computer. lol

  8. Techrodd says:

    I think .wav is not supported for after effects, maybe converting the file
    to .mp3 will solve the problem. You can find various free programs to do

  9. jhohng l says:

    hello, thank yo very much for this tutorials.. just want to ask about audio
    after rendering… why the sound is not working especially when i changed
    the settings.. i was also wondering for the wav. audio that i put on my
    layers.. there’s no sound when i play in the timeline… what was i
    missed?? what should be the settings?.. thanks again 🙂

  10. TehCBunn says:

    WANNA JOIN TGN ?! 61k?!

  11. jhohng l says:

    now i render it but when i change the setting of output module to MPEG2
    even i checked the audio the output has no sound.. why?

  12. sebastian90 says:

    Thank You for doing this bro!!!!

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